Joseph Cyr convicted of murdering pregnant OKC Craigslist prostitute Jaymie Adams; life without parole

12/2/2016 - OKC, OK -- An Oklahoma City man has been convicted of two counts of murder for the brutal killing of a pregnant Blanchard prostitute he met online. 

On Oct. 27, Joseph Richard Cyr, 34, was convicted in Oklahoma County for stabbing to death Jaymie Adams, 26. Adams was two months pregnant at the time of her death.

Earlier this month, Oklahoma County Judge Cindy Troung sentenced Cyr to two life sentences without the possibility of parole - as recommended by the jury.

Adams' (worthless piece of shit) husband, Justin Dewayne Adams previously pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter in 2014 for his participation in his wife's prostitution activities that eventually led to her murder. Justin Adams was sentenced to 10-years suspended with 6-months time-served.

JohnTV first reported on this case back in Jan. of 2012 after Adams was reported missing by her husband Justin Adams, 25.

JohnTV reported on this case three more times in the following weeks; When Adams' body was found, when additional details were released and again when Justin was arrested.

Justin was a suspect early on when key parts of his story didn't add up. Additional investigation shows Justin lied to investigators and a critical question posed to him during a polygraph came back with signs of deception.

Jaymie and Justin Adams.

Jaymie disappeared the evening of Dec. 9, 2011.

Justin initially told investigators that Jaymie had gone to meet 'a friend' at a McDonald's in Midwest City near SE 29 and Douglas Blvd. Justin claimed he didn't know the identity of the individual his wife was meeting in the middle of the night.

Justin claimed that when he didn't hear from his wife he went looking for her. Justin claims that he located her mini van around 5 a.m. the following morning and then called police to report his wife missing.

Justin also claimed that a manager at a nearby restaurant told him that Jaymie had been in his restaurant and had a meal.

Investigators immediately found flaws in Justin's version of events; his and Jaymie's cell phones were pinging off the same towers during the time she disappeared and the restaurant manager and video from the restaurant itself did not back up Justin's version of events. Later is was revealed that Justin had taken out a $100,000 life insurance policy against Jaymie, in March of 2011, and that he had denied it when asked by investigators. Investigators also noticed that Justin kept referring to his wife in the past tense - even though her body had not yet been found.

Investigators also learned that in the months leading up to Jaymie's disappearance, she had complained that Justin was physically abusive towards her. In Nov. of 2011, Jaymie and three of her children were taken to a woman's shelter in Norman after Justin became abusive in a hardware store. Just a month before Jaymie disappeared, she reached out to law enforcement, accusing Justin of domestic violence. 

To make matters worse, Justin's mother, Tina Clarke, gave conflicting stories in what appeared to be an attempt to provide an alibi for her son. (*side note: Clarke's Facebook page indicates she works for the Blanchard Police Dept.)

Justin later admitted to police that he and his wife were engaged in Internet prostitution and 'swinging' off the website Craigslist. Justin, a Oklahoma National Guard member, claimed the prostitution was simply to make ends meet. Justin then added more details surrounding the timeframe of his wife's disappearance.

Justin told investigators that Jaymie had been with another man she met on Craigslist earlier that day and had had prostitution related sex with him.

Jaymie then reportedly received another call from another man wanting sex and she went to meet him in the MWC McDonald's parking lot.

Justin claims that Jaymie sent him a text message when she arrived and said her 'date' was a no show. Justin claims that's the last time he ever heard from his wife.

After several days investigating and no sign of Jaymie, Justin was asked to take a polygraph.

Justin was reportedly found to be deceptive when asked, "Do you know your wife's whereabouts?"

Jaymie's body was located on Jan. 7, 2012 by bikers utilizing a dirt bike track near Lake Stanley Draper. Jaymie was two months pregnant with her fifth child.

A coroner's report showed that Jaymie had been stabbed 29 times to the head, neck, torso and back. Jaymie's jaw was also broken in three places.

On Jan 27, 2012, Justin Adams was arrested at his home in Blanchard.

While sitting in jail without bond, it was reveled that he was involved in an extramarital relationship with a woman identified as Lisa Marie Leaver-Pate.

Leaver-Pate refused to be interviewed by police, on advise of her attorney.

On Feb. 13, 2012, Justin Adams was charged in Oklahoma County with two counts of murder. Those charges were later reduced to manslaughter after investigators felt they had found Jaymie's true killer. Oklahoma County District Attorney justified his continued pursuit of Justin because Justin admitted to aiding his wife in her prostitution efforts by helping her compose posts on Craigslist and driving her to meet customers.  

Cell phone records showed that just before Jaymie's disappeanrce, she was in voice and text contact with a Skiatook man by the name of Joseph Cyr. 

joseph Cyr.

Cyr told police he had contacted Jaymie but that he never met with her in person.

Investigators located DNA inside of Jaymie's body that later matched Cyr.

On April 4, 2013 Cyr was criminally charged in Oklahoma County with two counts of murder in the first degree.

Prosecutors alleged that Cyr met up with Jaymie in the McDonald's parking lot and that Jaymie left with Cyr in his pickup truck to engage in sex and that's when she was murdered.

Cyr's attorney told jurors that Cyr lied about having sex with Jaymie because he didn't want to admit to engaging in prostitution and that that fact should not be held against him.

Cry's attorney also pointed out that no DNA or blood belonging to Jaymie was ever located in Cyr's truck and there was no evidence tying Cyr to any murder.

During Cyr's trial, prosecutor Ryan Stephenson said, "Jaymie Adams died a prostitute, … the Craigslist prostitute ... But that doesn't matter. … No one deserves to die the way Jaymie Adams died. No one deserves to have their body destroyed like that." 

The jury deliberated nearly seven hours before rendering their verdict.

Cyr's public defender lawyer filed a motion of intent to appeal Cyr's verdict on Dec. 9.

If you're wondering whatever came of Jaymie Adams' pimp - I mean husband - Justin... Seems he's getting along just fine. According to Justin's publicly accessible Facebook page, he's now living in Yukon and is in a relationship. Let's hope this one doesn't have him pimping anyone out.

Oh, and in case you thought this dirt bag had mellowed out since becoming a convicted felon, think again.... Hot head former pimp Justin Adams posted this little nugget publicly to his Facebook page in Sept. of last year....

Oh, and just in case you're wondering... Yes, many people think Cyr may not be the one responsible for Jaymie's murder. It's crossed several people's mind that Cyr is just a despicable 'John' whose involvement goes no further than paying to have sex with Jaymie. 

Some people feel strongly that Justin actually met up with Jaymie after her 'date' with Cyr and that he then killed her knowing that the list of potential suspects would be fairly long.

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