Doing the numbers: Is the FBI's 'Operation Cross Country VI' a unflattering predictor for their 2016 effort last week in OKC?

10/18/2015 – OKC, OK — Later this afternoon (3:30 p.m. CST) the FBI will be holding a press conference in Oklahoma City to formally announce that agents with their office were in our city last week as part of their nationwide annual effort to target underage human sex trafficking - known as Operation Cross Country. 

But, before all the public relations spin is spewed from the lips of the FBI, JohnTV wanted to pour a cold dose of reality onto the real impact of Operation Cross Country and the millions of dollars it costs to conduct....

Back in June of 2012, the FBI was in Oklahoma City as part of Operation Cross Country VI. The FBI was assisted by detectives with the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit.

As with all of the Operation Cross Country's, authorities touted the 2012 effort as a national sting orchestrated by the FBI as a part of the Bureau’s Innocence Lost National Initiative with the goal of identifying child victims of prostitution and sex trafficking.

Locally, the 2012 Operation Cross Country VI officially lasted only three days, rescued three juveniles, and resulted in 44 arrests - seven for 'pimping.' However, when you examine the public record (Oklahoma County Jail bookings and court filings) there were a high number of prostitution related arrests for a total of six days that resulted in 52 individuals taken into custody - 10 for pimping related charges. Some of those are apparently not being considered Operation Cross Country arrests.

That sounds great doesn't it? Well, here's where the cold reality comes into play...

Since we have no way of knowing which arrests the FBI are claiming as their's and which arrests are being considered local law enforcement, we are going to look at all of the prostitution related arrests from that week - 52 total with only 48 being eventually identified as prostitution related crimes.

The very thing that should jump out is the FACT that, despite federal and local law enforcement's repeated claims that they see the women involved in prostitution as 'victims,' they overwhelming arrested those very 'victims' over the perpetrators of the crime - pimps and 'Johns.'

Arrest Demographic: Of the 48 people charged with prostitution related crimes in 2012 OCC. 67% (32) are the one's law enforcement claims to recognize as 'victims' to the public.

Yep, the 'victims' were targeted, hunted down and arrested in far larger numbers than the pimps and 'Johns.' The average age of the 32 'victims' arrested by the FBI and local law enforcement was 25 years old - with the youngest being 18 and the oldest being 56 years old. All of the individuals arrested for selling prostitution were female.

Of the 10 'pimps' that were taken into custody, their average age was 30 - with the youngest being 22 and the oldest 57 years old.

Of the 6 Johns that were arrested, their average age was 32 years old - with the youngest being 19 and the oldest 54 years old.

The stats only get worse from here...

Of the 48 individuals who were charged, 87% of the female prostitutes where charged with felonies, while the Johns were all only charged with misdemeanors. What about the 'pimps'? 78% were only charged with misdemeanors (10% of the pimps were never charged and 30% later had their charges dismissed).

As for punishment? The Johns received the lowest average fines, at only $56 each. The prostitutes come in second with an average fine of $63. The 'pimps' (the one's the FBI claims to have been targeting) got a whopping average fine of only $71.

And what about those 'pimps' - the one's the FBI and local law enforcement rightfully villainize as the one's who prey upon women and literally make their money off their backs?

What the FBI and local law enforcement doesn't tell you is that the vast majority of those they label as 'pimps' will only be facing misdemeanor aiding and abetting prostitution charges - no pimping, no pandering, no maintaining a house of prostitution, conspiracy, felony computer crimes or sex trafficking. Just a ticket, a deferred sentence and not much else.

As for the three juveniles law enforcement claims to have 'saved.' JohnTV knows their identities and at least two of those juveniles went back to prostituting themselves shortly after their arrest.

None of this should come as any surprise. Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has an embarrassing record of taking a hug-a-thug mentality when it comes to those who sexually traffic women in our city. 

2016 Operation Cross Country X

The pattern from 2012 not only appears to have repeated itself in 2016, but actually got even worse.

The FBI formally acknowledged Operation Cross Country X on their website yesterday.

While the official numbers have not yet been announced, JohnTV went over the public record and estimates that about 25 individuals will be reported as arrested in this years "Operation Cross Country X."

What immediately stood out is the fact that the FBI and local law enforcement didn't even bother to target any 'Johns' this year - none, zero, nada.

And, once again, the FBI and local law enforcement ended up arresting far more of the 'victims' (prostitutes) than they did 'pimps' - the one's they claim to be actually targeting.

Records seem to show that 16 women were arrested for prostituting themselves online - which means most of them also now face felony computer crimes charges.

Eight individuals have been tentatively identified as 'pimps' and most likely face nothing more than misdemeanor aiding and abetting prostitution charges - which will inevitably end in deferred sentences and small fines.

The only person to face more serious human trafficking charges is a 19-year old female identified as Tatiana Rodriguez of Oklahoma City.