OKC sex offender receives prison sentence on pimping charges

12/15/2016 - OKC, OK -- A Oklahoma registered sex offender has pleaded guilty to his crimes related to a prostitution ring he operated out of his Spencer residence.

JohnTV previously reported on the Oklahoma City police department's Vice sting that led to the arrest of then 28-year-old Exsavior Antwan Phillips, aka 'Finesse,' and three of the women working for him as prostitutes; Crysta Lynn Rice, Amanda Darlene Creel, and Samantha Ann Morton.

Phillips became a registered sex offender after previously serving 125 months in a federal prison for prostituting children.

According to court records, police began their latest investigation into Phillips in Oct. of 2015 after being tipped off after a citizen placed a call to law enforcement when she became concerned some young women patronizing her business were being prostituted.

Based on information provided by the tipster, police identified Phillips as a pimp and several girls as his prostitutes. Police also located some of their prostitution ads on Backpage.com.

Despite identifying Phillips and his prostitution ring early on, no attempts to arrest were were made until April of this year.

Undercover officers eventually replied to an online ad featuring defendant Rice.

The undercover officer was directed to an apartment rented by Creel. 

Once the officer arrived, Creel and Rice agreed to exchange specific sexual services in exchange for $180. Creel and Rice were then placed under arrest.

Several days later, undercover officers utilized another Backpage.com ad to contact defendant Morton.

Samantha Morton

Morton was placed under arrest after she met with an undercover officer at a local motel and agreed to sex for $150.

It was during Morton's arrest that officers watching the parking lot noticed Phillips in his white BMW acting as a lookout.

After processing Phillips, investigators learned he was living in a residence in Spencer that previously belonged to his father - who had since passed and left Phillips the home.

A search warrant executed on Phillips' home provided additional evidence of his pimping activities.

On May 27, Phillips, Morton and Rice were officially charged in Oklahoma County with conspiracy to commit felony pandering. Phillips was also charged with an additional count of pandering.

Warrants were soon issued for Phillips' arrest.

JohnTV's Brian Bates went to Phillips' neighborhood and distributed fliers advising neighbors of Phillips criminal activities and soliciting information as to Phillips' whereabouts.

On Nov. 15, Rice pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one-year suspended, a $35 fine, plus court costs.

Phillips pleaded guilty the same day and was sentenced to seven years in state prison, a $50 fine, $100 VCA and court costs.

Warrants are still outstanding for Morton.

On June 21, Creel and Rice faced additional charges.

Creel and Rice were both charged with possession of marijuana. Creel was also charged with aiding and abetting prostitution - while Rice faced an additional charge for offering to engage in prostitution.

In Sept. Creel pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one-year suspended, 40 hours of community service, $60 fine, $60 VCA and  court costs.

Rice pleaded guilty on Nov. 15 and her sentence was combined with her previous charges mentioned above and she was given one-year suspended.

It is JohnTV's opinion that Phillips' 7-year sentence is pretty light when you consider he already served federal time for child prostitution and in 2005 Phillips pleaded guilty to four separate state felony cases. Those state cases included; committing a drive-by shooting, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, pointing a firearm at another, unlawful carrying a weapon, transporting a loaded firearm and possession of criminal proceeds.

Less than a month after Phillips pleaded guilty and received his prison sentence, he was once again charged with prostitution related crimes in Oklahoma County.

On Dec. 5, Philips was charged with aiding and abetting prostitution. Morton was charged with offering to engage in prostitution at the same time.

You can keep up-to-date with Phillips' criminal activity at JohnTV's home page for Phillips.

JohnTV will continue to keep tabs on Phillips and report any updates as they become available.