OKC prostitute with ties to notorious sex trafficker and a million dollar residence in Gaillardia avoids yet another criminal conviction

9/26/2016 - OKC, OK -- A Oklahoma City woman, who used to be in a leadership role of one of Oklahoma's most notorious and violent prostitution and sex trafficking rings, has yet again dodged a prosecutorial bullet because Oklahoma County's District Attorney David Prater and judges are soft on crimes against women.

Elizabeth Elaine Andrade has racked up a fairly impressive criminal resume in her 34-years...

According to public records, Andrade got her first official prostitution charge in 2009 (also hit with an obstruction charge). She picked up her second prostitution charge just a year later. At the same time, Andrade earned her first drug possession charge (Hydrocodone). In 2011 Andrade hit the big time when she, along with four co-defendants, were charged with felony racketeering tied to their prostitution and sex trafficking ring. In 2012 Andrade was charged with her second felony after she was arrested for computer crimes and prostitution. 

The only thing more impressive than Andrade's criminal portfolio is her impressive knack of never being held accountable for her crimes.

In all four of the separate cases listed above, Andrade managed to avoid an official criminal record and was instead given a deferred sentence and probation. This, even though each time she committed another crime, she was actually also violating her current probationary status.

Which then brings us to Andrade's most recent official criminal offense... 

According to court records, back in March of last year, an undercover police officer investigating suspected online prostitution ads responded to an ad posted by Andrade.

The two agreed to meet at a local bar near I-40 and S. Meridian. Once they arrived, the undercover officer gave Andrade $200 for an hour of her time as an ‘escort.’ Shortly thereafter Andrade asked the undercover officer to go and secure a hotel room.

After the two arrived at the room, Andrade allegedly told the undercover officer she needed another $200 and she would provide him with oral sex and sexual intercourse. The officer then gave the take down signal and uniformed officers arrived to take Andrade into custody. Andrade was transported to the Oklahoma County Jail.

In May of 2015, Andrade was officially charged in Oklahoma County with felony computer crimes and prostitution.

That case came to a conclusion this past Friday.

And, what-do-you-know, as with all of Andrade's past criminal indiscretions, Oklahoma County let Andrade walk with yet another deferred sentence, no official guilty plea and no official criminal record - But, Andrade did get this spiffy new DOC mugshot.

Which begs the question "What the Fuck is Wrong with Oklahoma County?" We incarcerate more women for non-violent crimes than most any other state. Yet, we seem to have a reluctance to even give a criminal record to those who promote the prostitution of others, e.g., Andrade's racketeering charge for her leadership role in an organized criminal ring that sold other women (who on occasion turned up dead) to the tune of $240,000 per month, according to the FBI.

Speaking of boatloads of cash...

According to booking information provided by the Oklahoma City Police Department, when Andrade was arrested in 2015 her residence was listed as being in the 14200 block of Calais Circle in Oklahoma City. That general address probably doesn’t mean anything to most of us, and that’s because most of us probably are not invited behind the guarded walls of the very upscale and exclusive gated community of Gaillardia. According to the Oklahoma County Assessor’s website, Andrade’s specific address is located within Gaillardia and was purchased in 2007 for just over $1.5-million. Records also show the property is indeed in the Andrade name – more specifically, a 1997 Andrade Trust.

Elizabeth Andrade's OCPD Jail Booking Record.

Before that, Andrade's address was listed as 13000 Red Circle Cir. in Oklahoma City - a $300,000 home previously owned by local pimp and human sex trafficker Germaine Coulter. Coulter, and his protégé, Mario Diaz, are currently serving a 10-year prison sentence.

Speaking of Germaine Coulter... Andrade legally changed the name of her son to Germaine - which in JohnTV's opinion is totally sick and twisted.

Once again, in Oklahoma County, when justice can't be had it can apparently be bought.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

Andrade (far left) and two other female leaders of the Coulter sex trafficking ring.

Germain Coulter, Mario Diaz, Christina Byler, Brandie Stanley & Elizabeth Andrade. The leadership circle of Coulter's prostitution & sex trafficking ring.