Night Trips Dancer Busted Allegedly Offering Off-The-Clock Oral Sex; Threatens to sue JohnTV

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8/8/2016 - OKC, OK -- An Oklahoma City stripper, who often makes herself available to strangers for 'private dances', is busted for prostitution after she allegedly offers up a high priced blow job to an undercover officer. Upon her release from jail, she promptly threatens to sue JohnTV.

Late last week, we were looking over the recent prostitution arrests when we came upon the name Christine Maxine Voigt of Oklahoma City. Voigt, 28, was arrested last Wednesday on an offering to engage in prostitution complaint.

Soon thereafter, we learned JohnTV's Facebook profile has 32 friends in common with Voigt. So, we posted this...

It didn't take long before the drama started.

About three hours later we got this message via Facebook...

Then about four-minutes later we got this message...

That evening Christine Voigt herself sent us a message after bonding out of jail (two days after her arrest)... 

Lets just get this out of the way... JohnTV is threatened with lawsuits on a weekly basis, we've never lost and we are fully within our rights.

So.... Now that Voigt is firmly on our radar, all of this begs the question, "What the hell happened to get Voigt arrested in the first place?"

Well, it appears Voigt has a bad habit of posting all of her business publicly on her Facebook profile for her 'friends' and non-friends alike to see... For instance, the fact Voigt's an 'entertainer' (aka, stripper) at Night Trips and The Trophy Room, a single mother of three... oh, and she provides 'private dances' and 'massages' to perfect strangers in their hotel room for a fee...

And then there's this one she posted the same day she was arrested...

According to police, "detectives had received information that [Christine] Voigt was providing private dances. An undercover detective with the Oklahoma City Vice Enforcement Unit made arrangements to meet [Christine Voigt] at his motel room to receive a private dance."

Wait a damn minute.... 

As posted publicly to Voigt's Facebook page.

OKC Vice didn't get a tip that Voigt was prostituting herself or anyone else. They clearly claim they were simply told she provides private dances. The last time we checked, private dances are legal in OKC. So, not only does OKC Vice investigate bacon infused vodka, they also investigate prostitution where their is no allegation of illegal behavior. 

Or, maybe they just like spending your tax dollars and their overtime trolling local pubs, seeking hand jobs at various massage parlors and setting up single moms to see if they just happen to be desperate enough to break the law. Got it - Protect and Serve at it's finest!

Ever wonder what the dinner conversation is like for these vice detectives when they get home to their wife and kids.... "Daddy, did you get any hand-jobs today?"


According to police... "During this dance [Christine Voigt] offered to have oral sex with the undercover officer in exchange for $627. Vice Unit detectives entered the room and took [Christine Voigt] into custody without incident."

Two things stuck out about that last paragraph. One, that's a lot of money for a blow job. Two, how the hell did she come up with a price of $627??? Why not $600 or $620, or something that most likely doesn't require her to be in that awkward position where she's fumbling with her g-string trying to make change for the blow job some strange dude just paid for.

Christine Voigt's official probable cause affidavit.

So, just a recap... Voigt, a single mother of three, works as a stripper and often posts that she does private dances and massages in her spare time. Police are tipped off that Voigt is engaged in non-criminal activities. Police look Voigt up on Facebook and see that she's pretty hot. So, naturally they decide this allegation of perfectly legal activities requires further investigation. An undercover officer contacts Voigt and has her come to the Holiday Inn near the airport. When she arrives, the undercover officer most likely gives Voigt a few hundred dollars (that he's going to take back from her) and sits there and watches this single mom as she dances naked for him (for the money she's not going to get to keep). Then this undercover officer (who most likely makes north of $60,000/yr) arrests the single mom after who knows what conversations take place and Voigt allegedly offers (or agrees, who knows) to perform oral sex on this 'public servant' for $627.

Which brings us to Voigt's post-jail update to her Facebook profile...

As posted publicly to Voigt's Facebook page.

Yes, I know, it's probably hard to figure out what side of the fence JohnTV is on in this fight, considering we've taken swipes at Voigt and the Oklahoma City Police Dept. in this article.

JohnTV has never been shy about the fact we only target prostitution that is public, forced or organized. Furthermore, we support the decriminalization of prostitution that is 100% consensual, private and unorganized.

We have absolutely no idea if Voigt engages in prostitution or if she was coerced into agreeing to prostitution during this week's sting.

Regardless, Voigt is engaged in a very dangerous lifestyle; Stripping, putting her life in the adult industry and her kids on public display on Facebook and going to motel rooms and homes of strangers.

Its her life, but I hope this gives her the opportunity to re-evaluate some of her decisions going forward.

As for the cops... Is there not enough forced and public prostitution going on to occupy the time of this pack of deputized deviants that they have to go investigating prostitution where there is no allegation of a crime to begin with? Heck, our last story was about how Vice is now arresting people for prostitution when the sexual contact is being offered for free!

While Voigt makes repeated references on her Facebook profile about multiple criminal charges in her past, JohnTV could only find a 2012 guilty plea and deferred sentence in Oklahoma County for misdemeanor DUI.

As of this posting, no formal criminal charges regarding Voigt's prostitution arrest have been filed.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

***Quick non-expert legal advice for Voigt... If you offered up a blow job for cash on your own, then take any deal that involves a deferred sentence and move on (because it will be on audio tape) - lesson learned.

However, if Vice truly hunted you down with no probable cause and then made the offer of intercourse to you and you simply agreed - consider fighting this and going to trial. OKC Vice has lost these cases at trial before because the jury was convinced Vice was inappropriate and in fact did the soliciting. The most high profile example was a case won by a good friend of JohnTV's, local criminal defense attorney Scott Adams, when he successfully got another high profile attorney, Mike Gassaway, acquitted on similar charges

Something tells me there is a chance (though I have no proof) that Voigt did indeed agree to come to the undercover officer's motel room and provide a private (probably nude) dance. There is also a very real chance that the officer asked Voigt about sex and Voigt refused. Not wanting to waste the money he's already spent on this investigation, the undercover officer goes 'all in' and says, "Hey, all I've got is $627 on me. That's a lot of money to a single mom, how about just a blow job for that?" And BAM! Voigt is busted. 

If that's the reality and it's supported by an audio tape (those are huge 'ifs'), you can win this case, with the right lawyer, all day long.  

Good luck to you!