Boy Scout stalks and tries to enlist scout leader to hack JohnTV computers in bid to be super hero - seriously!

9/22/2016 - Harrah, OK (by Brian Bates) -- They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... That is unless your 'imitator' is a bat shit crazy Boy Scout and Parkour enthusiast with a fetish for DC Comics' Green Arrow vigilante comic book character.

Yeah, that's a lot to take in, but trust me it gets even weirder (sorry, but it's a long story)...

Last month I received a call from an investigator with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. He was investigating a stalking case out of Harrah. During the course of the investigation my name (Brian Bates) and my JohnTV website were mentioned. The investigator wanted to know if I had experienced any odd staker-ish behaviors from anyone and if I would look over a list of potential suspects in the Harrah case.

In short, I really couldn't offer much... The list of names turned up nothing in my files and in my 20-years of activism I've only attracted a handful of stalkers and only two progressed beyond simple Internet or email trolling.

All I was told at the time was that a Boy Scout troop leader living in Harrah had received some concerning correspondence, left on his vehicle. I was also told that it appeared the stalker, who was using the name 'Night Shade,' wanted to convince the Boy Scout troop leader to hack into my JohnTV computers for some unknown reason. I was also told that the stalking victim had an advanced knowledge of computers and security systems and that is probably why he was being contacted by their yet unidentified suspect.

I didn't hear anything else until last week when the same investigator contacted me to let me know they had identified their suspect, he was a teenager that knew his stalking victim and that charges would probably be filed soon. I had also previously been asked not to mention any of this until it became a public record - which I obviously agreed to.

Well, yesterday the case finally became public with the arrest of 19-year old Cheyenne Lee Edgemon, aka 'Nightshade.'

Slightly exaggerated Oklahoma County mugshot of Cheyenne Edgemon.

Along with Edgemon's arrest came a slew of details about this investigation in the form of arrest affidavits, search warrant affidavits, sheriff's office media statements and more.

First, when you give your kid a name like Cheyenne Edgemon you know some sort of headlines are going to be in their not too distant future.

Apparently Edgemon saw himself as a real life version of the comic book character Green Arrow- also depicted as simply Arrow in the CW television series by the same name.

Green Arrow is a secretive hooded vigilante who fights crime in his city after returning from being shipwrecked for five years on a small island.

According to court records, back on June 29, a man living in Harrah, that we are going to refer to as Mr. B, called the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office to report that he had found a suspicious note inside a plastic baggie on his vehicle's windshield.

The note, which was constructed by cutting out individual letters from magazines and pasting them to form sentences, read;

"I know who you are. I've studied you for years but don't worry I mean you no harm. On the contrary I want to help. You believe many of the same things as I. I also believe you are a good man who knows when to break the rules for good. I'm counting on that for I need your skills. If you're the man I know burn this letter and wait for my appearance. I have a proposition for you." The note was signed, "Nightshade."

Yeah, that's pretty random and creepy... It's gets better...

On Aug. 14, another plastic bag was found taped to Mr B's car. However, this time, the plastic bag contained a digital voice recorder and a blue thumb drive.

The digital recorder contained an audio message from a male who was using something to disguise his voice, making the audio difficult to understand. Below is a transcript of the audio from court records...

"Hello [subject's name redacted by JohnTV] in case you missed getting my first introduction my name is Nightshade. Who I am doesn't matter ... that knowledge is (inaudible) the outcome this message to the police. Please believe me when I say that my patience, resolve and intelligence will outlast their's. If you haven't already turned this in then that means you didn't leave ... that means I know more about you then you know about me. When I tell you (inaudible) and you would do anything to protect your wife, daughter and two sons. Therefore I have absolutely no intent to harm you or your family. The next statement however does not extend to everyone. But I ask of you is to collect as much information on a man named Brian Bates. He runs the Internet channel on JohnTV. Unlike you and me ... wants the world to be a better place. I need numbers, addresses and names, no details too small. I believe (inaudible) my goals make much easier. Any questions you have can be answered in time if you have success (inaudible) the choice is yours. If you choose to put this behind you I will not hold nothing against you. But, if you choose to test my (inaudible) find (inaudible) I will find you in time and (inaudible) where you at."

Investigators met with Mr. B and learned that he has been involved in a leadership role within Boy Scouts of America for the last 10 years. Investigators also learned that Mr. B has extensive experience and education in cyber security and computer sciences.

Mr. B was asked to provide investigators with a list of current and past Boy Scouts he had been in contact with over the years.

In response to the audio tape, Mr. B reportedly contacted SKT Security Systems and had a home security camera system installed.

On Aug. 28, Mr. B received a text message that read...

"Hello [name redacted] this is Nightshade. Respond to indicate you've received this message."

Investigators instructed Mr. B to respond to the text message by stating that he could not understand the message on the digital voice recorder.

The next day Mr. B received another text that read, "Alright, duly noted. Understand my options in my position are difficult to come by. That includes quality equipment. I'm sure even with the low quality messages I've been able to get to you have sparked some questions though."

Mr. B responded by asking for several questions and for more clarification regarding the Aug. 14 message. This is the message he received in reply...

"1. *mutual 2. *Also believe I know more. not ask yourself. 3. *i know you enjoy turning boys into men through leadership and hard work. 4. *Brian Bates runs a YouTube channel called JohnTV 5. *have faith And the answers will come. 6. *Chase the white rabbits. In reference to Alice. I have thought through the possibilities. Including the possibility of your hearing. However there are chances I must take. but yes that is mostly what my messages have said."

That message was then followed by this one...

"Alright if I have answered the misconceptions you have so far I will waste no more of your time with banter. To prove that I'm more then just words you can meet me. The old aps automotive store on 23rd and airdeport 12:30pm this Saturday. Come only with whoever needs to drive you. Your and your drivers physical safety is guaranteed. I'm not a fan of authorities so let's not bring then into this. You'll get some answers there."

Investigators instructed Mr. B not to go to the meeting place.

On Sept. 10, Mr. B found yet another plastic bag taped to his windshield while parked in a public parking lot at NE 10 and Harrah Rd. The bag contained a folder with several pictures and another note constructed of individual letters pasted to a piece of paper.

The photographs consisted of pictures of Roger Dale Stafford with the words "Murdered Nine." A photo of Carina Saunders with the words "Dismembered." A photo of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes with the words "Missing." A photo of Kyle Duty with the words "underage sex slave trainer."

Also included in the folder was photos of Mr. B's three minor children with the wording "What happens if its them" and "Truth, Justice, Freedom, Trench Reynolds."

Later that same day Mr. B received the following reply...

"Have I gotten your attention yet or do I need to up the ante?"

Mr. B responded by asking what the packet meant and he received the following response...

"It means I want you to help me solve cases similar to those. I want to target right now people that are taken young girls not unlike your daughter, for slavery. The packet is only to invoke your emotion. It has other subtle means also like I don't enjoy being ignored and that I can reach people more then just in the middle of the night."

The next day Mr. B received the following text message...

"I know your a busy person and I'm a patient one but your testing it. I've chosen to be understand of any confusion there are many paths I could've taken even blackmail but out of respect I will not take them. I have little time and more people to visit, of them I've been the kindest to you. The price however for ignoring me is that I will be a nuisance with the messages becoming more graphic until you accept the required terms in the packet. A single meeting so I can explain my complete goal and an answer. I will force you to realise that you can say no and ignore the people that need help or yes and you can help face how the world is. I don't want you to think you've done anything to deserve this only that you  youve acquired skill and connection that can help others. Remember life rarely calls on us during a moment of our choosing."

On Sept. 12, Mr. B found a letter taped to the back door of a church in Harrah where Mr. B was scheduled to attend a meeting. The note contained a photo of Brittanee Drexel and the words "Raped and Murdered." The note concluded with the following sentence, spelled out in cut out letters... "Please don't make me do this, I just want to talk."

Investigators determined that Mr. B and his family may be in imminent danger. Law enforcement contacted AT&T, the cell phone carrier associated with the number sending Mr. B the text messages. Investigators learned the phone in question was a TracPhone and that location data for the phone was intermittent because it was turned off most of the time.

The most recent data showed the phone to have been in the area of the Choctaw Walmart on several occasions.

By luck, while investigators were in the Walmart parking lot preparing to request security surveillance video, they were informed that the TracPhone was at that moment turned on in that very Walmart parking lot.

Investigators began walking the parking lot and video recording all the parked cars to record their license plate information.

As the investigators were walking they passed a 2004 black extended cab Chevrolet pickup. As the driver exited the truck the investigators acknowledged him and even shook his hand.

Later investigators ran tag information they obtained from the Walmart parking lot - including the tag number belonging to the black truck whose driver they briefly met.

The truck came back listing Cheyenne Edgemon as a secondary owner. Edgemon's name also appeared on the list of Boy Scouts previously provided by Mr. B. 

Cheyenne Edgemon as posted to his publicly available Facebook profile.

Investigators then turned to Facebook and found a profile under the name Cheyenne Edgemon. The photo in the profile matched the man investigators met in the parking lot. Edgemon's Facebook profile also showed that he was 'friends' with Mr. B and his family.

Investigators also located photos and posts by Edgemon on the Oklahoma Parkour Facebook page.

Investigators received additional location data on the TracPhone showing it was turned on at a local Lowe's and a local Home Depot store. Copies of video surveillance from each store showed Edgemon on the property at the same time.

Investigators located Edgemon's residence in the 2100 block of N. Dobbs Rd. in Harrah. When investigators drove by the home they saw the same black truck they videotaped in the Walmart parking lot.

While investigating Edgemon's background it was revealed that Edgemon was an employee of SKT Security Systems (the same company Mr. B hired to install a security camera previously mentioned in this article).

On Sept. 14 and 16 Mr. B, his wife and their minor children filed for a Victim's Protective Order against Edgemon.

On Sept. 13, Investigators obtained a search warrant for Edgemon's Harrah residence and upon the completion of its execution filed a return and inventory listing the following items seized...

  1. Magazine
  2. Alcatel One Touch Model A463BG cell phone and charger
  3. Voice distorter
  4. Choke cord
  5. 13 cards - 9 with pictures
  6. Downtown discovery bus map
  7. Various papers and drawings
  8. Spiral notebook
  9. Seven (7) pictures

On Sept. 21, Edgemon was arrested and formally charged with six counts of felony computer crimes and one count of stalking.

Edgemon is currently being held without bond in the Oklahoma County Jail.

DC Comics' Green Arrow character.

If your more than a little confused I don't blame you. According to the media spokesperson with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's office, Edgemon saw himself as a vigilante crime fighter similar to the comic book character Green Arrow. Edgemon also revealed that he was a fan of this website and felt our computers contained the names and locations for most of the human traffickers in Oklahoma. Edgemon allegedly decided that if he could get Mr. B to hack into JohnTV's computers that he could use that information to find the local sex traffickers and rescue the women under their control.

Obviously Edgemon has some mental issues he needs to sort out.

I am grateful nobody was hurt as a result of Edgemon's apparent delusions and I hope he gets the help he obviously needs.

I also want to thank the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office for taking this matter seriously and seeing it through to its conclusion.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.