PornStar, 'Teanna Trump', jailed for 6-months in Oklahoma County after getting caught with 6lbs of Marijuana

6/7/2016 - OKC, OK -- A 20-year old pornstar from Indiana is currently a guest of the Oklahoma County Jail as she awaits formal sentencing stemming from her 2015 arrest in OKC for marijuana possession -- And we're not talking personal use amounts either.

According to court records, on March 7, 2015, at about 9 p.m., Keanna Nichele Jones, aka Teanna Trump, was pulled over by a member of the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office on I-40 near Agnew.

Jones, whose IMBb profile lists her as an "actress" with such filmography credits as "Brown Sugar Fuck Dolls," "Jizz My Glasses" and "We Fuck Black Girls 5" -- all Academy Award contenders I'm certain -- was driving through Oklahoma with a guy by the name of Edward Earl Arnold, 30, of Hollywood.

As luck would have it, an ever-diligent sheriff's deputy "observed a white Chevrolet ... make two unsafe lane changes by failing to signal the required 100 feet prior to making a lane change." In case you don't recognize it, that's cop-speak for "I saw this car with out-of-state plates so I needed some half-ass excuse to pull it over."

Jones, apparently driving without a license (bad idea number one), reeked of marijuana (bad idea number two), had a travel story that didn't match Arnold's (bad idea number three) and was found to be toting a suitcase with 6 pounds of marijuana, "packaged for resale", in her rented car's trunk (really, really bad idea number four).

But, hey, it's all just a big old misunderstanding..... because, Arnold claims the six pounds of pot were for his medical use and absolutely not prepackaged for resale.

Keanna Jones and Edward Arnold's probable cause affidavit.

Jones and Arnold were arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

Keanna Jones and Edward Arnold Jail Booking Information.

Just five days later, both Jones and Arnold were formally charged with felony possession of CDS with the intent to distribute -- a charge that, upon conviction, comes with mandatory prison time.

Formal charges as filed against Keanna Jones and Edward Arnold.

Fortunately for Jones and Arnold, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater must be a big fan of "Anal Hotties" and "Daddy Issues 3" - because on Oct. 19 of last year, the DA's office dropped the felony drug dealing charges in exchange for misdemeanors.

That said, DA Prater must have had some artistic differences with "Facial Violation #3" because he gave Jones six-months in jail while Arnold's 'happy ending' resulted in no jail-time whatsoever.

As posted publicly to Jones' Facebook profile.

Last Wednesday, Jones appeared before an Oklahoma County judge, got down on her knees and.......   well, she pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor and was given six-months of in-custody RID (think, 'making better choices' bootcamp - but you can't leave and the showers are just as scary as real jail - or, at least as scary as the set of a low budget porno). 

If Jones doesn't screw-up (but, she's free to screw anything else) before her next court date (Dec. 21) then she will most likely be given a deferred sentence - meaning this wouldn't count as an actual 'conviction' and she could eventually get it expunged from her record. Not that muling marijuana is going to cause much of a speed bump in her professional pornstar career.

Arnold, on the other hand, didn't get any in-custody intervention (aka, jail time) but did get an official conviction via a suspended sentence.

JohnTV feels obligated to point out that Mr. Arnold apparently didn't feel the need to fall on the sword (lord knows Jones has gone down on her fair share) and simply tell investigators that he rented the car and he placed the suitcase in the trunk and that Jones had no idea there was anything other than a couple of joints in the glove box. 

Okay, so, JohnTV has taken a bit of a satirical tone with this article - why? Honestly we couldn't care less about marijuana charges and we only took any interest at all in this story because ONE: this story loosely has a prostitution angle TWO: None of the local media picked up on it, and THREE: it gave me yet another opportunity to take a jab at local prosecutorial disappointment David 'Hug-a-Thug' Prater.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

And just an FYI... apparently California tags are a BIG NO NO on I-40. Public records show that Jones was pulled over again and cited by the Highway Patrol for driving without a valid license, just two days before Christmas last year.

Oh, and apparently Jones' lawyer didn't see fit to wrap that traffic violation in with her marijuana plea - because, a warrant was issued for her arrest on May 17th and is active right now.