OKC prostitute charged with murdering her 'john' after sex

6/24/2016 - OKC, OK -- A Oklahoma City prostitute was charged yesterday in Oklahoma County Court with the murder of her 'John' back in Aug. of last year.

According to court records, Sumeika Dolores Byrd, 29, went to the home of Brendon Jajuan Turner, 28, on Aug. 13, 2015. Turner lived in the 3600 block of S. Kelly Ave. in Oklahoma City. The home reportedly belonged to Turner's uncle.

Byrd allegedly agreed to engage in sex with Turner, also known as 'Bam', in exchange for drugs.

After the two finished having sex, Byrd allegedly picked up a knife and stabbed Turner several times. Byrd then fled Turner's home while Turner gave chase. Byrd then turned and stabbed Turner again. Byrd was identified as Turner's most likely killer after DNA was recovered at the scene that matched Byrd.

Turner, the oldest of five siblings, was reportedly taking care of his uncle's home while his uncle was being cared for in a nursing home.

Turner's body was reportedly found inside the home by his mother, who lives in Ponca City.

Brendon Jajuan Turner, 28.

Byrd was not questioned about the murder for 10-months - on Jun. 7, of this year.

When questioned by homicide detectives, Byrd allegedly confessed to being with Turner, having prostitution related sex and to stabbing him.

Brendon J. Turner, 28.

Byrd claims that she stabbed Turner in self defense and that Turner had taken a pair of her boots that contained several hundred dollars. Byrd claimed that Turner said she owed him money for drugs and then allegedly pushed and punched her. That's when Byrd claims she picked up a knife began "wildly slashing" Turner. 

Byrd said she later returned to Turner's home and slashed his car's tires before hiding the murder weapon.

The medical examiner's report shows that Turner suffered from 17 "sharp force injuries to his body."

Byrd was taken into custody on Jun. 7 - after confessing to Turner's murder - on an unrelated warrant for larceny of merchandise from a retailer.

For whatever reason, Byrd was allowed to post a $2,000 bond in regard to the larceny charge because murder charges were not filed for another week.

Byrd, who is a convicted felon, is now out of custody and on the run.

Byrd's criminal resume includes time spent in prison for possession of criminal proceeds and charges related to drug dealing.

Turner was Oklahoma City's 51st homicide of 2015.

Byrd has two distinguishing tattoos; "Big Tweetie" tattoo on her right calf and "Trust no nigga, fear no bitch" tattooed on her right thigh.

Byrd last made the news in 2006 after she was allegedly involved in the robbery and armed assault of a pizza delivery driver in south Oklahoma City. 

If you know of Byrd's whereabouts, please contact police or JohnTV.

Sumeika Byrd