Apparently there are no more pimps & child sex traffickers in OKC - because OKC Vice Lt. Doug Kimberlin has set his sights on Bacon Infused Vodka

6/27/2016 - OKC, OK -- You may have already heard that a local popular pub in NW Oklahoma City was recently busted for the unthinkable crime of infusing their own vodka. What you probably haven't heard is how this relates negatively in any way to the fight against forced prostitution and child trafficking in our city (hold on, we'll get there).

Just a Quick Recap: Friday, many local television and Internet news outlets and forums were reporting on a bit of a spat between The Pump Bar and the Oklahoma City Police Department. A spat that escalated to the arrest of one of the bar's managers.

The Pump Bar (2425 N. Walker Ave., OKC) is obviously becoming too popular for its own good. Located in the Uptown District, situated near the southern fringes of the recently revived and eclectic Paseo District, they've apparently drawn the ire of the local Mrs Kravitz's living in the area. According to court documents, some(busy)body has been calling 911 claiming The Pump Bar is violating noise ordinances and even sponsors 'illegal gambling' (aka, Bingo night).

When local law enforcement couldn't find any evidence of the aforementioned violations, an overly exuberant (aka, total asshole) OKC police lieutenant decided to get creative with the interpretation of some out-of-date liquor laws. Specifically, Lt. Douglas 'Doug' Kimberlin took issue with how The Pump Bar was infusing liquor with bacon, garlic, pickles, etc. (insert eye-roll here).

Colin Grizzle, The Pump Bar manager.

So enraged was Lt. Kimberlin, that when the same alleged violation was witnessed a second time, he placed the manager on duty, Colin Grizzle, under arrest and took him to jail. And on what bizarre criminal charge - a complaint of "maintaining a disorderly house by violation of the state's prohibition laws by unlawful refill of a liquor bottle."

A public records check shows that Grizzle was issued a OKC municipal ticket for $167 for "other liquor violation" and given a Aug. 18, city court date.

The Pump Bar has reportedly hired legal counsel to ask the ABLE commission to clarify the archaic liquor law Lt. Kimberlin is using to harass them.

Okay, so what does any of this have to do with prostitution, pimps or child sex trafficking? Officer Doug Kimberlin isn't just any run of the mill police Lieutenant. Lt. Kimberlin is second in command of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit - yes, that Vice Unit. The one in charge of investigating and tracking down pimps and child sex traffickers in Oklahoma County.

JohnTV doesn't have a pic of Lt. Kimberlin, so we're going to rely on this SouthPark still that is a remarkable resemblance to Lt. Kimberlin working an undercover prostitution sting.

Apparently we should all be praising his name. Because, obviously if Lt. Kimberlin has enough spare time to go on an infused vodka crackdown then he must have already rid Oklahoma City of every last 'John', pimp, prostitute and child sex trafficker in the area. If not, then I think he should be explaining how it was in the best interest of the community, he has sworn to protect and serve, to instead be hanging out in local bars in his 80's style Hawaiian button-down trying to make bullshit cases against the very businesses that are making OKC relevant again.

Its bad enough that Lt. Kimberlin gets away with spending most days going from massage parlor to massage parlor trying to get $40 hand jobs - but now, this $90,000+ a year public servant is wasting your tax dollars chasing after bacon infused vodka violators when he could be going after the 'men' who sell 15-year-olds on our street corners and the Internet!

Furthermore, The Pump Bar manager was not just arrested. He and his staff where chastised and harassed - unnecessarily - by Lt. Kimberlin, and Grizzle had to spend three days in the county jail. That's longer than many of the pimps Lt. Kimberlin arrests. It gets worse - violators of this obscure little law Lt. Kimberlin is waving around face up to six months in jail if convicted!

For the more visually inclined... Every moment Lt. Kimberlin spends harassing local businesses and their hard working employees, he and his department are not out stopping these real crimes...

In case you're as peeved about all this as we are, feel free to exercise your right/obligation to voice your frustration by calling the Oklahoma City Police Dept. at 405-297-1000 or sounding off on their Facebook page.

JohnTV will continue to follow this story...

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