Prostitute shot by alleged 'John' in NE OKC; Shooter suffers fatal heart attack

4/26/2016 (updated 4/28/2016) – OKC, OK — If the television series Sanford and Son ever did an episode where Fred Sanford hires a prostitute (picture Aunt Esther) and then goes all gangster just before “here comes the big one”, it would have played out just like a scene did earlier this month is NE Oklahoma City.

According to court records (see actual records at the bottom of this article), back on April 17, 87-year-old Robert Alexander (aka Fred Sanford) contacted 41-year-old Kellee Tyler (aka Aunt Esther) and had her come over to his home in the 1300 block of NE 45th. Once there, Tyler claims she ate a little lunch, did some shots of alcohol, smoked a little pot and agreed to have sex with Alexander for $200.

Unfortunately for Alexander, he wasn’t quite ‘up’ for the task and couldn’t, rise to the occasion. So, in true Fred Sanford style, Alexander tries to renegotiate their deal down to just $100.

Tyler agrees and the two head off in separate cars to a convenience store at NE 50th and Martin Luther King Blvd. so Alexander can get some cash.

Tyler apparently knows how sneaky Alexander can be, so she blocks his gold colored 1999 Chevy Tahoe with her 2004 red Pontiac Grand Am so he can’t get away without paying her.

Tyler claims that Alexander exited the convenience store and hoped into his Tahoe. Tyler then leaned into Alexander’s driver’s side window to get her money. That’s when Tyler claims that Alexander produced an “old school .38 caliber snub nose” and hit Tyler over the head.

Alexander allegedly got out of his Tahoe, approached Tyler and shoved her backwards. Tyler wasn’t haven’t none of that and wanted her Benjamin, so she pushed Alexander back – causing him to drop the pistol.

Tyler then did some super secret ninja move and was able to kick the fallen pistol away from Alexander. Tyler picked up the pistol and then proceeded to get in her car and try to drive away. That’s when Alexander went back to his Tahoe and grabbed another gun. Alexander then pointed the gun at Tyler and fired – striking her in the arm. Alexander then took the pistol Tyler had taken from him and fled the scene.

Tyler called 911 and reported not only being shot by Alexander, but also gave the details of their alleged prostitution arrangement.

Its when police went to Alexander’s home to arrest him that he pulled off his best Fred Sanford impersonation yet. Yep, you guessed it…. He clutched his chest and exclaimed, “this is the big one!”

Okay, I have no idea if he did any of that – but Alexander did reportedly suffer a heart attack when confronted by police.

Police reportedly had to perform CPR on Alexander while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Alexander was transported to the hospital where he was admitted into their ICU.

Police report seeing a pistol and spent casings in plain view inside Alexander’s Tahoe.

UPDATE: Looks like Alexander won’t be facing any criminal charges. According to a public Facebook post by Tyler on April 27 – Alexander died in the hospital.

No prior criminal history could be found for Alexander.

As for Tyler, her felon criminal resume includes three VPO’s filed against her late last year and some charges and convictions for drug possession (marijuana and cocaine).

In a social media post, Tyler claims that her gunshot wound required two steel rods to be surgically placed in her arm.

Oh…. and Tyler gave a shout out to JohnTV via a posted link, but claims she ain’t no prostitute (okay, how about entrepreneur?)….

We’ve already storyboarded this whole episode into an imagined Sanford and Son episode, and it goes something like this….

Below is a copy of the search warrant filed by police in order to search Alexander’s vehicle after he was taken into custody and suffered a heart attack…