OKC Woman previously featured on the news as a domestic violence victim, arrested for sex trafficking teen; DA Prater files lesser charges

5/31/2016 - A woman previously featured on the local news as the survivor of a horrendous domestic violence incident has been arrested for the human sex trafficking of a teen - but, once again, DA Prater excercises his hug-a-thug mentality and files lesser charges.

Katelyn Nichole Powers, 24, was booked into the Okla. County Jail earlier this month on one count of felony human trafficking.

According to court records, on May 18 an undercover male officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit replied to a suspected advertisement for prostitution posted to Backpage.com.

The undercover officer was directed to room #214 at the Oaktree Inn & Suites on S. Meridian Ave. in south Oklahoma City.

When the officer arrived at the room, "the young lady agreed to exchange sexual intercourse for $180 cash and a small pizza."

While being taken into custody, it was reveled that the female was only 17-years old and allegedly was working in concert with Powers - who was nearby acting as a lookout.

Police identified Powers as "a known prostitute."

Unfortunately, despite Powers being arrested for human sex trafficking and despite the fact Oklahoma law is clear - (Title 21 Ch25 Sect748) ...anyone who recruits, entices, harbors, maintains, transports, provides, purchases or obtains, by any means, a minor for the purposes of engaging the minor in a commercial sex act, or, benefits financially, or receives anything of from participating in a venture that has engaged in an act of trafficking for commercial sex is guilty, upon conviction, of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the custody of the Department of Corrections for a term of not less than fifteen (15) years or for life. - Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater's office choose to prosecute Powers for the lesser crime of pandering.

Powers, as posted publicly to Facebook.

Formal charges were officially filed last Friday.

Powers is currently being held in the Oklahoma County Jail on a $52,000 bond.

Katelyn Powers and her then boyfriend and attacker Christian Hillard.

Powers was previously featured on all the local news in March 2015, after her boyfriend, Christian Jovan Hillard, 23, stabbed Powers several times as they drove along I-35. Hillard then exited their vehicle and jumped off the I-40 bridge. Powers was eight months pregnant at the time. 

According to Power's publicly accessible Facebook page, this pregnancy was not her first child.

Hillard is currently charged in Oklahoma County with felony assault and battery with a deadly weapon and maiming.

Powers has an extensive criminal record that started when she pleaded guilty to the assault and battery of an employee of a juvenile detention facility in Pottawatomie County - she was only 17 years old - the same age as the young woman she is accused of sex trafficking.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.