Married Woodward man pleads guilty in Oklahoma County to soliciting prostitution

5/31/2016 - A married woodward man, who used to work for the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections, pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution earlier this month in Oklahoma County.

According to court records, members of the Oklahoma City Police Department’s Vice Unit were conducting a sting near SW 43 and S. Robinson Ave. back on Feb. 4th of this year. That is when police claim 69 year old Doyle George Ford of Woodward rolled up and allegedly solicited an undercover female police officer posing as a street prostitute.

It was around 6:30 p.m. when Ford allegedly offered the undercover female officer $40 in exchange for oral sex.

Ford was then stopped by surveillance officers and taken into custody.

Doyle Ford's prostitution arrest probable cause affidavit.

Formal criminal charges were filed against Ford in Oklahoma County court on March 31 for misdemeanor "prostitution, offering to engage." 

On May 19 Ford pleaded guilty and was given a deferred sentenced consisting of two years of DA supervision, $300 fine, $200 VCA and court costs.

No other criminal record for Ford could be found.

On a more personal note, according to Ford’s publicly accessible Facebook page, he is married with at least one child.

In a bit of irony, Ford posted this to his own Facebook wall less than 24-hours before his prostitution arrest (and his wife responded in kind – the next day, and just hours before her husband’s arrest)...

Doyle Ford's public Facebook post just 24-hours prior to his prostitution arrest in OKC.

Doyle lists himself as currently ‘retired’, but having worked previously for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

JohnTV sent a message via Facebook to both Ford and his wife asking them for any comment – we never heard back.

Doyle Ford with his wife in a publicly posted Facebook photo.

JohnTV will continue to monitor this case.

Doyle Ford as posted publicly to Facebook.