New Video: Episode 602 - 'John' Busted at an OKC Car Wash

5/18/2016 - OKC, OK -- JohnTV posted a new video today. In this video, Jessica is working the corner of SW 43rd and S. Robinson Ave. when she is picked up by a passing 'John.'

The driver, a Hispanic male, goes straight to a older style car wash at the corner of SE 44 and S. Oklahoma Ave.

Once there, the 'John' and Jessica get into the back seat of the truck and engage in sexual intercourse.

JohnTV arrives on the scene, the 'John' gives a nerves wave and off they go.....

This video features a new pop-up style of editing that many viewers seem to enjoy - as it adds some additional information without making the video longer.

Also, added to the end of this video is some taped commentary from an Oklahoma City Police officer who supports my efforts.

Give it a watch....