Pimp and his teen prostitute arrested and charged in OKC; Teen pleads guilty

4/12/2016 – OKC, OK — A Edmond man and the Oklahoma City female teen he was pimping were arrested last year on prostitution and drug complaints. The teen recently pleaded guilty to felony charges while her pimp awaits his day in court – the teen was previously identified as a human sex trafficking victim in a earlier case.

Back on Jan. 15, 2015 undercover officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department’s Vice Unit and members of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Human Trafficking Unit were conducting stings targeting suspected prostitution being advertised on Backpage.com.

According to court documents, an OBN agent responded to an online ad and was directed to go to the Hampton Inn, near W. Memorial Rd. and N. May Ave.

Around 10:30 p.m. the undercover agent arrived and knocked on room #304.

Upon his arrival, additional officers providing surveillance on the motel noticed a black male suspiciously circling the parking lot in a silver four-door vehicle. The driver appeared to be keeping an eye on the room the undercover officer was told to go to and possibly watching for police.

After the undercover agent entered the room, the young woman requested a fee of $260 in exchange for sexual services as she removed a small quantity of marijuana from inside her bra. The agent handed over the cash and the female acknowledged that she had condoms available.

The young woman was taken into custody and identified as 18-year-old Bailey Driggs of Oklahoma City.

Officers approached the black male acting suspicious in the parking lot and detained him. The man was identified as 31-year-old Lashawn A. Tyner of Edmond.

Tyner told the officers he had a room in the motel and produced a key. The key went to room #304. When officers reviewed checkin information, it was confirmed that room #304 was rented in Tyner’s name.

Tyner also was found to have 30 grams of marijuana on him, along with a small scale and $572 in cash.

Also noted in the probable cause affidavit is that Tyner had in his possession a counterfeit $100 bill.

Both Tyner and Driggs were transported and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

Tyner’s bond was set at $40,500 and Driggs’ at $3,500. Both were able to post bail relatively quickly.

On March 27, 2015 both Tyner and Driggs were formerly charged in Oklahoma County. Tyler was charged with possession of CDS with intent to distribute, possession of criminal proceeds and aiding and abetting prostitution.

Driggs was charged with felony computer crimes, offering to engage in prostitution and possession of marijuana. Driggs has no prior adult criminal record – but has been arrested for prostitution as a juvenile.

Both Tyner and Driggs’ bail were increased when they failed to appear in court.

Tyner’s bail was revoked and reset at $81,000 and Driggs’ was reset at $7,000. Driggs posted her bail, while Tyner sat in jail for three months until a judge agreed to lower his bail back down to $40,500 – which he promptly posted and was released from custody (again).

On March 15, 2016 Driggs appeared before Oklahoma County Judge Timothy Henderson and entered a negotiated delayed sentencing plea of guilty.

This means that Driggs has been ordered to report to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for intake into the out of custody RID program. Driggs’ bond was reduced to O.R. and sentencing has been delayed until Sept. 20, 2016. Driggs has been ordered to provide proof of I.D. and present pay stubs confirming employment and one clean UA test.

Tyner’s next date with the judge is set for May 11, 2016.

Tyner was on a deferred sentence for a 2013 guilty plea to felony charges of possession of Xanax with intent, possession of criminal proceeds, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and carrying a firearm while under the influence of drugs. That deferred sentence is now under review for revocation.

Tyler’s last known address was a rent house in the 1200 block of NW 138th in Edmond – very near the motel where he and Driggs were arrested.

If you have any additional information on Tyner, please forward it to JohnTV.

While this is JohnTV’s first report on Tyner, it is not the first time we’ve covered Driggs.

Back in July of 2014, JohnTV reported on another local scumbag pimp named Kylan Letrail Gilmore, 25, of Oklahoma City.

In that case, Gilmore was busted and eventually charged with the human sex trafficking of Driggs – who was only 17-years-old at the time.

We reported on Gilmore and Driggs again in May of 2015 after Gilmore pleaded guilty to his human sex trafficking charge and was sentenced to only four-years in prison.

As for Driggs – some will call her a victim. A young naive teen who was coerced into selling her body to any number of strangers per day, all for the benefit of her much older pimp(s). Others will see Driggs as simply a criminal, who, because of her youth, has been able to take advantage of a system sympathetic to juvenile offenders.

I’d argue she falls somewhere in between.

She certainly is too immature to realize the devastating impact her actions are going to have on her physical and mental health – not to mention the obstacles she is placing before her with a criminal record. Was she failed by her parents? Was she failed by the judicial system? Is she just hell bent on failing herself despite the attempts of others?

Social media shows she lives a double life through two totally separate Facebook accounts – that of a teen trying to figure life out, who at the end of the day just wants the love of her mother and to be happy….

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And that of a celebrity Kardashian-esque little gansta whore who thinks loyalty to her pimp and the dollar are all that matter….

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Below is a video of Bailey Driggs with her former pimp/trafficker Kylan Gilmore…

I suspect I will be reporting on Bailey more and more as she transitions into adulthood.