OKC man pleads guilty to human sex trafficking & is sentenced to prison (but not much)

5/11/2015 – OKC, OK — An Oklahoma City pimp reaches a plea deal with prosecutors that results in only a four year prison sentence after pleading guilty to the human sex trafficking of a local teen.

JohnTV has several times reported on the worthless piece of garbage that is 26-year-old Kyan Letrail Gilmore. First in 2014 after Gilmore was one of 42 other individuals busted in the FBI’s annual Operation Cross Country nationwide anti-child trafficking effort.

Soon thereafter JohnTV featured Gilmore again after he was formerly charged with human trafficking.

According to court records, on June 19, 2014 at about 8 p.m., then 25-year-old Gilmore drove a 17-year-old female to a motel room in south Oklahoma City for the purpose of prostitution after an undercover officer replied to a Backpage.com ad posted by Gilmore.

The teen girl entered the undercover officer’s hotel room and offered to provide specific sexual services in exchange for $150.

When officers realized the female was under 18 years of age they detained Gilmore in the motel parking lot and then transported him to the Oklahoma County Jail.

Its no secret that pimps and traffickers often have such control over their victims that even when locked away in jail they feel compelled to still be with them – as evident in this social media post by Gilmore’s teen victim proclaiming she was now prostituting herself in order to raise her pimp’s bail.

Gilmore’s victim also posted these social media posts just days before Gilmore’s arrest…

Gilmore and his teen victim can be seen in this video, also posted to social media…

JohnTV most recently reported on Gilmore this past January after he waived his preliminary hearing at the request of prosecutors.

JohnTV was in the courtroom at Gilmore’s prelim and overheard Gilmore’s defense attorney tell him that Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney Carter Jennings had stated that if Gilmore waived his prelim and pleaded guilty at his next court appearance he would agree to Gilmore only serving six-years in prison, followed by six-years of probation.

On April 1, Gilmore again appeared in court and this time pled guilty to the crime of human sex trafficking.

Assistant District Attorney Dan Gridley represented the Oklahoma County DA’s office and announced that they had reached a plea agreement with Gilmore. In exchange for Gilmore’s guilty plea, Gilmore was sentenced to only four years in prison, followed by another 20-years of probation to be supervised by the Department of Corrections.

UPDATE: Gilmore entered into the DOC system on April 22, 2015 and is scheduled for release in June of 2018. Gilmore’s first parole hearing is set for Dec. of 2017.

This plea deal apparently also included a separate drug possession and distribution case also in Oklahoma County.

You can read more examples of Oklahoma County giving pimps a slap on the wrist at this link.

JohnTV Editorial Comment:

Its hard to know how supportive JohnTV should be of this plea agreement. At no point do we feel four years of prison is anywhere near enough time for anyone who pleads guilty to the human trafficking of a teenager. However, there is an unmistakable reality that this case would not be a slam dunk if taken to trial. The largest obstacle the prosecution would have to overcome is the fact that Gilmore’s victim has not once actually acted like a victim; Her video recording clearly shows a woman who appears to be acting consensually, her social media posts show she is willing to engage in prostitution even when not under the direct control of her pimp, and there was plenty of evidence that outside of their prostitution activities, Gilmore and his victim were actually engaged in a romantic relationship. Not to mention there was a very real possibility B.D. might not even show up to testify against Gilmore, or worse yet, show up and deny he was involved in her prostitution activities.

In fact B.D. posted this to Gilmore’s social media account the day after he was sentenced to prison…

© Facebook Public Post.

Oh, and did we forget to mention B.D. was arrested at least twice for prostitution after Gilmore was arrested? On March 27 B.D. was charged in Oklahoma County with offering to engage in prostitution, drug possession and felony computer crimes. A black male that was with B.D. (not Gilmore) was also charged with aiding prostitution, possession of drug proceeds and possession of drugs with intent to distribute.

Personally, we are shocked the DA’s office encouraged Gilmore to waive his preliminary hearing. This could have really backfired for the prosecution. Without a preliminary hearing you don’t have Gilmore’s victim on the record and under oath pointing the finger at Gilmore as her trafficker. Without that record, B.D. could have disappeared, recanted or otherwise refused to cooperate with prosecutors in the future and the state would no longer have a case.

So, in one respect JohnTV supports the fact the DA’s office was able to secure any prison time at all.

However, Gilmore’s conviction and four year prison term has no requirement that he serve at least 85% of his sentence. Meaning he could be released much sooner.

JohnTV will follow Gilmore’s incarceration and let you know when he is released.