Two 'busted' videos shot by JohnTV turned over to OKC Vice today

5/16/2016 - OKC, OK -- This afternoon JohnTV's own Video Vigilante Brian Bates turned over two new 'busted' videos to law enforcement for investigation and possible prosecution.

The two videos were shot in April and May and depict alleged 'Johns' picking up women engaged in street prostitution along south Oklahoma City's notorious S. Robinson Ave. The 'Johns' then take the women to public locations where they engage in acts of prostitution related lewdness before being busted by bates on video.

The first video was shot on April 25 and shows a Hispanic male driving a metallic Chevy Avalanche. The driver takes the alleged street prostitute to a carwash at SE 44 and S. Oklahoma Ave. There he parks in one of the carwash stalls where he has the female perform oral sex upon him - that is until her realizes his 'private moment' isn't that private after all and speeds away.

Hispanic male driver, driving a Chevy Avalanche, is busted with a street prostitute at a carwash near SE 44 & S. Oklahoma Ave.

The second incident was captured on video this past Sunday afternoon. Bates recorded an older white male driving a white pickup truck. The driver takes an older white female prostitute to the Sears parking lot near SW 44 and S. Western Ave.

Bates confronts the driver - who is literally caught with his pants down.

White male driver, driving a white pickup, is busted engaging in sex with a street prostitute in the Sears parking lot near SW 44 and S. Western.

Both videos and a type-written statement were provided to a member of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit.

The videos will be investigated and if the occupants can be identified the case will be presented to the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

Both videos will be posted to JohnTV's YouTube channel in the near future.

If you recognize either of the 'Johns', please contact JohnTV.

We will continue to follow these cases and report back.