OKC Vice & Sheriff's office arrest 31 on prostitution related charges last week

5/10/2016 (updated 5/11/2016) - OKC, OK -- Last week was a busy week for Oklahoma City and County law enforcement. According to public records, at least 31 individuals were taken into custody by members of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit and members of the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.

The arrests, which included six alleged pimps, 10 alleged 'Johns' and 15 alleged prostitutes were mostly the result of a four-day undercover sting by OKC's Vice Unit.

It appears most of the stings were conducted off of Backpage.com - targeting individual escorts and advertising massage parlors.

Those arrested for pimping related crimes have been identified as; Pierre Cheer, 23, Matthew James Harris, 43, Stormie Green, 31, Christopher David McEvoy, 30, Myong Cha Chang, 62, and Denovus Daniels, 25.

Men arrested for soliciting prostitution; Ali Razavi, 34, Miguel A. Rivera, 42, Derek Vincent Castro, 27, Gustavo Espenoza, 33, Eliaquim Galvan, 20, Jorl Garcia Herrera, 24, Khang Thai Hoang, 48, Manuel Alberto Ochoa, 43, Tyron Ladon Watkins, 41, and Juan Carlos Bautista, 44.

Women arrested for engaging in prostitution; Yujung An, 49, Manaya Baiphosuwanakul, 53, Alicia Rae Kelley, 27, Joi Ward, 37, Yangling Liu, 50, Carla Coffey, 40, Canisha Harden, 30, Tiara Trenice Hall, 23, Sharolyn Renee Hall, 24, Tina Fuller, 35, Esther Richter, 34, Melissa Dawn Bryant, 33, Danielle Wallace, 24, Xianghua Nan, 46, and Rhiannon Stephani Mathis, 25.

Though JohnTV was aware of the sting very early on, we were asked by law enforcement to hold-off on reporting about the sting until this week, so as to not tip-off too many offenders.

Regardless, many organized pro-prostitution websites were also aware of the sting and began warning their followers - see one such warning below.

OKC escort's warning posted to a prostitution promoting Internet forum.

OKC escort's warning posted to a prostitution promoting Internet forum.

Unfortunately, despite the continuous bell-ringing by law enforcement - that the women caught up in prostitution are the true 'victims', those 'victims' were once again arrested in disproportionately higher numbers than both the pimps and 'Johns.' 

You can see the names, mugshots and alleged charges for all of those arrested in JohnTV.com's Weekly Arrest Wrap-Up, posted earlier today.

JohnTV will be detailing many of the above arrests in the coming days.