According to an OKC Vice sting, even free hand-jobs will get you arrested for prostitution

8/7/2016 (updated 9/23/2016) - OKC, OK -- Apparently the rules around what legally constitutes 'prostitution' in Oklahoma City are getting a bit blurry. So blurry in fact, that even free hand-jobs will get you arrested and facing a prostitution charge (that sound you just heard was the collective gasps of every teenage boy who has hit puberty).

According to court records, last Tuesday, around 9:30 p.m., a member of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit decided to pop into a massage parlor in the Windsor Hills Shopping Center located at NW 23rd and N. Meridian Ave. in NW OKC.

The undercover detective was greeted by an Asian female. The detective asked for a one-hour massage and was quoted a rate of $50.

According to court records (see PCA below), the detective got undressed and the Asian female began performing a massage.

Near the end of the tax-payer funded rub-down (how'd you spend your day working to pay those taxes? I bet it wasn't as fun as the police have when they spend them.) the female "offered to masturbate the undercover officer by hand."

This is the part where the officer usually says "how much?" and the massage therapist quotes the going rate for a 'happy ending' and cop places the woman under arrest.

Not so in this case. 

Apparently the extras are included at this particular massage parlor because, when "the undercover officer asked [the massage therapist] if it would cost more, she indicated it wouldn't."

The woman was then taken into custody and identified as 48-year old Bo Xing of Oklahoma City (see mugshot at top). In fact, Xing appears to have given the massage business's address as her residence. 

Official probable cause affidavit (redacted by JohnTV).

Xing was carted off to jail and released after posting a $500 bond.

Xing has not yet been criminally charged.

Lesson here boys and girls... prostitution in Oklahoma County is no longer defined as sex for cash. Now, it's pretty much just an offer for sexual contact after you've already paid for something else entirely different.

Next time they'll probably slap the cuffs on someone asking for sex after..... say.... dinner and a movie.

In reality, the only thing Xing and the massage parlor should probably be criminally charged with is false advertising....

Below is a look at a ad promoting massage services at that same address. Call me sexist, but the ladies in the ad look nothing like the mugshot of Xing.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

UPDATE: 9/14/2016 Bo Xing was formally charged in Oklahoma County with misdemeanor offering to engage in prostitution.