Trio pleads guilty in "mother/daughter +1" OKC prostitution case.


2/22/2015 – OKC, OK — Three women from Wichita arrested late last year in OKC, after two of them advertised online as a “Mother and Daughter” sexual duo, have pleaded guilty in Oklahoma County court.

According to court records (see bottom of this article), on Nov. 10, 2014 members of the Oklahoma City Police Department’s Vice Unit and agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Human Trafficking Unit were “targeting escort services advertised on the Internet.”

An undercover agent with the OBNDD responded to an adult ad on (see ad below) “featuring a mother and daughter combo.” The woman the undercover agent spoke to offered herself and two other women for sex, with the following stipulation… All three for only $250 and just one shot (meaning he was only allowed to ejaculate once for that price). The undercover agent agreed to the deal and was instructed to meet the women at their room — Room #217 at the Quality Inn & Suites near I-40 and S. Meridian Ave.

‘Mother/Daughter’ sex ad that led to the arrest of Rhymes and Wingate.

‘Mother/Daughter’ sex ad that led to the arrest of Rhymes and Wingate.

When the undercover agent arrived he gave one of the three women $260 and was told to “get comfortable.” (This is cop and hooker talk for “get naked so we can tell you are not wearing a wire, badge, gun, etc.”)

This is where the affidavit gets a little disturbing…. Even though a price has already been quoted, cash paid and the officer is getting naked, the court record states that “while [the undercover agent] got undressed, all three females touched his genitals.” (just another day at the office for law enforcement)


The affidavit doesn’t say how long the genital touching, tugging, groping (whatever) was allowed to go on, but at some point (one minute, twenty minutes, who really knows) other officers entered the room and placed the three women under arrest.

Upon arrest, the three women were identified as; Barabar Jane Wingate (aka, "the mother"), 62, Misty Marie Rhymes (aka, "the daughter"), 37, and Angie Arlene Estrada (aka, the third wheel), 24.

Barbara Jane Wingate Mugshot Prostitute 2014-11-10.jpg
Misty Marie Rhymes Mugshot Prostitute 2014-11-10.jpg
Angie Arlene Estrada Mugshot Prostitute 2014-11-10.jpg

And, as is sadly often the case, the arrest of the three women quickly became a money grab for law enforcement…..

According to one of the arresting officer’s own notes; “While retrieving identification for Estrada, I noticed a large amount of cash in her wallet. The amount totaled $462. Estrada stated she was unemployed. The money was seized because it was believed to be the proceeds from prostitution. While retrieving identification from Wingate, I noticed a large amount of cash in her wallet and purse. The amount totaled $1,106. Wingate stated she was unemployed. The money was seized because it was believed to be proceeds from prostitution. While retrieving identification for Rhymes, I noticed a large amount of cash in her wallet. The amount totaled $760. Rhymes advised that she was employed as a home healthcare provider. The money was seized because it was believed to be proceeds from prostitution.”

Well, a three-way hand job and $2,328 in cash… Puts a whole new perspective on “To Protect and Serve.”

All three women were eventually booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on felony computer and misdemeanor prostitution complaints.

On Nov. 19, 2014 formal misdemeanor criminal charges for engaging in an act of lewdness were filed in Oklahoma County against all three.

JohnTV found it odd that the felony computer crimes complaint was not filed against any of the three when that charge is almost always used in similar cases.

On Feb. 21, 2015 the case was officially closed after all three pleaded guilty as charged.

In case you were wondering – JohnTV hasn’t found any evidence that any of the three women are actually blood relatives (let alone mother/daughter).

Wingate, who actually pleaded guilty first on Dec. 03, was sentenced to 364 days deferred, ordered to obtain a ‘health check’, pay a $30 fine, $30 VCA and court costs.

Rhymes and Estrada were also sentenced to 364 days deferred, but given almost 7x the fine and VCA at $200 each, plus court costs. No mention in the court record of either Rhymes or Estrada being ordered to obtain a health check.

You may have noticed that all three criminal defendants received deferred sentences that fall one day short of an actual calendar year. There’s a reason for that – and like prostitution – its all about the money.

You see, all three were given Oklahoma County District Attorney ‘supervised‘ deferred sentences. And, that can only happen if your term of supervision is less than a year (even by one day).

You’re probably thinking, “That’s cool. I prefer they be supervised so they are getting any help they need, made to get a legal job, and are checking in with whomever at the DA’s office is supervising them.”

Well, think again. Oklahoma County District Attorney ‘supervision‘ is in name only. There is no ‘supervisor‘, no requirements, no check-ins, etc. “DA Supervision” simply means you send a $40 check to Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater each month. At the end of your ‘supervision‘ you simply sign a piece of paper that says you didn’t commit any crimes while being ‘supervised.’ The defendant has to let the DA know because the DA doesn’t have a clue, because the DA isn’t really supervising anything beyond whether or not your check cleared.

All three defendants listed home addresses in the Wichita, KS area and apparently travel through several states posting prostitution related ads. Some boasting the mother and daughter duo and some promoting Rhymes by herself.

Since their Nov. 2014 arrest, JohnTV found a ‘review’ by some Kansas fat slob, sorry excuse of a ‘man’ who goes by the name ParkerPlayer on an Internet forum dedicated to promoting prostitution. PP apparently solicited the ‘mother/daughter’ pair back in Oct. of last year (just before their arrest in OKC) and PP just couldn’t wait to post a review of his $200, 22-minute conquest (see below – click image for larger version)…

ECCIE ParkerPlayer Mother Daughter Review.jpg

In case you are wondering, yes, "mother/daughter" prostitution does occur in Oklahoma City.

Below is a video shot by JohnTV's own Video Vigilante Brian Bates  that shows a mother (Teresa Walker) and her daughter (Tisha Howard) prostituting on the street of south Oklahoma City together.

Below is one of the probable cause affidavits in the criminal case of Wingate, Rhymes and Estrada.

Misty Rhymes Prostitute PCA 2014-11-10.jpg

Below is another prostitution ad from 2011 that appeared on, in the Wichita area that features the same contact telephone number as used by the trio above.

Mother Daughter Prostitution Misty Rhymes and Barbara Wingate 2011.jpg