Former Oklahoma County jailer accused of prostitution claims, "I'm no hooker, I was trying to rob them!"


11/20/2015 – Lawton, OK — An Oklahoma City woman and former Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Dept. detention officer was recently arrested in Lawton for prostitution. Her defense? “I wasn’t trying to have sex with the ‘Johns’, I was trying to rob them!”

In what’s got to be a first for JohnTV, an accused prostitute is actually publicly trying to reject her misdemeanor prostitution allegations and is instead admitting to trying to commit a felony.

Earlier today we reported on a prostitution sting in Lawton that resulted in the arrest of six females.

One of those females was identified as 21-year-old Lacy Banicki – the youngest of the six arrested.

According to published reports, Banicki placed an ad in the Lawton adult section of and was contacted  this past Wednesday by an undercover officer with the Lawton Police Department’s Special Operations Unit.

Which brings us to the first odd social media post from Banicki…


No, we’re not making fun of the fact Banicki’s boyfriend painted her fingernails. But we couldn’t ignore the fact that this post is dated just a few hours before Lawton police arrested Banicki for prostitution. Which begs the question… What boyfriend gives his woman a manicure before she goes out to allegedly have sex with other dudes?

Regardless, Banicki then arrived at the undercover officer’s motel room and agreed to exchange specific sexual services for cash. At that point Banicki was taken into custody for prostitution and transported to the Lawton City Jail.

Nothing out of the ordinary up to this point…. woman posts prostitution ad online, undercover officers respond, woman is arrested and is most likely facing nothing more than a deferred sentence on a misdemeanor prostitution charge.

Fast forward to yesterday and things get a little weird.

Like most criminals, Banicki has a social media presence and the inability to keep her mouth shut – which brings us to Banicki’s second odd social media post.

According to a public post to Facebook just 20 hours ago, Banicki is claiming that she wasn’t engaging in sex for cash. Oh no, that’s apparently far too embarrassing for what she wants to make certain you understand she was doing…. robbing her potential ‘Johns.’


And, honestly, maybe everyone should have seen this coming with Banicki’s bit of foreshadowing in this Facebook post from this past Halloween…


And before you go poo-pooing her “I was really robbing them, not f*cking them” assertion, there is some evidence to back up her self-proclaimed thief confession.

You see, according to a case filed in Oklahoma County court this past July, Banicki is currently charged with felony embezzlement in a separate incident.

So, either Banicki really was trying to commit the much more serious offense of robbery, or, she’s actually dumb enough to make that false assertion because her boyfriend might actually stay with her if she’s a robber, but would dump her if she’s a hooker.

It should probably be noted that nowhere is there any mention, that JohnTV can find, of Banicki having on her possession any sort of weapon. So, we’re not certain what she planned on robbing her ‘Johns’ with – if she really planned on robbing them at all.

Unfortunately this head-shakingly sad moment in a young woman’s life doesn’t end there. According to her Facebook profile, up until April of 2014, Banicki was gainfully employed as a ‘senior detention officer’ with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office at the Oklahoma County Jail. Maybe she was just using that time to get used to her future surroundings as an inmate.

When Banicki is not prostituting…. ummm, I mean robbing ‘Johns,’ she claims to also be employed at AmeriBanc National since August of this year.


Banicki, who claims to have graduated from Midwest City High School just three-years ago, appears to be a single mom headed down a very dangerous path with life altering consequences.

If you know Banicki, please hit her upside the head with a reality check… Stop talking about your crimes online, get a good lawyer, get into rehab or a diversionary program and get your shit back on track before you’re a convicted felon or worse – if not for you, then do it for your kid!