Pennsylvania woman claims; "I was only charging for massages, the sex is free!"

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11/20/2015 – Mount Joy, PA — A Pennsylvania woman working as a masseuse, advertising ‘Massage & Stress Relief,” is disputing her recent prostitution charge in a pretty unique way… She claims she can’t be a prostitute if she’s giving the sex away for free!

According to published reports, 32-year-old Crystal L. Sweigart, of (are you ready for this) MOUNT JOY, Pennsylvania was arrested and charged with misdemeanor prostitution after police claim to have confirmed her criminal activity and served a search warrant on her home.

Police say neighbors in the area began complaining about the large amount of traffic coming and going from Sweigart’s home. People in the area were suspicious she was dealing drugs, sex or both.

Sweigart claims she’s only guilty of running a massage business without the proper permits and licenses.

“It was massages with free fun after work,” said Sweigart to a Mount Joy news outlet.

Sweigart was arrested this past Tuesday around 5:30 p.m. and released from custody on an unsecured $2,500 bail.

Also arrested and charged with soliciting prostitution were three men after they were seen leaving Sweigart’s home and later reportedly admitting to police in engaging in prostitution. They have been identified as;

  • Todd A. Morris, 52, of Middletown.
  • Andrew G. Reynolds, 44, of New Cumberland.
  • William B. Trousdale, 63, of Harrisburg.

Also arrested;

  • Bonnie L. Althouse, 49, of Mount Joy on a felony charge of promoting prostitution.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of;

  • Charles E. Ford, 39, of Modena for felony promoting prostitution.

Sweigart allegedly reported that she averaged $400 per day and serviced five to 10 clients.

Althouse and Ford reportedly ran the marketing and administrative side of the prostitution business and posted ads on Craigslist, scheduled appointments and collected money.

No specific evidence proving Sweigart was indeed exchanging cash for sex has been disclosed that JohnTV could find.

Police report seizing money, drugs and sex toys while executing their search warrant.

“Anything that happened when the massage stopped becomes two consenting adults having fun,” Sweigart said. “What I’m complaining about is [police] labeling me a prostitute … I’m not saying that I’m not guilty, I’m just not a prostitute.”

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UPDATE: 1/20/2016: Crystal Sweigart pleaded guilty to reduced charges of disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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