Male UCO student/soccer player pleads guilty to prostituting himself online


5/9/2015 – Edmond, OK — Going to college and playing sports can cost a student a lot in terms of time and dollars. Some students rely on mom and dad to cover the bills. Others get a full or part-time job to make ends meet. Then there are those that take an entirely different route and sell themselves online for sex with strangers.

JohnTV was the first to break the story of UCO student and soccer player Bryan Christopher Phillips being arrested last Oct. for prostituting himself online.  

Phillips,21, recently pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor offering to engage in prostitution. Phillips had previously been charged with prostitution and felony computer crimes (using his computer to post and solicit prostitution). 

According to court records (see probable cause affidavit at the bottom of this article), last Oct. an undercover female Oklahoma City Police officer, working with the department’s Vice Unit, replied to an ad on for a male escort.


The ad was allegedly posted by Phillips and he reportedly responded to the undercover female and quoted a rate of $200.

Phillips and the female undercover officer agreed to meet up at Edsel’s Club on S. Meridian Ave. in south Oklahoma City.

While at the bar, prosecutors allege that Phillips told the officer he had brought condoms and that she could pay him the $200 when they got back to his hotel room. Phillips allegedly stated that in exchange for the money he would provide oral and vaginal sex.

Phillips was taken into custody as the two left the bar.

Phillips was transported to the Oklahoma County Jail and booked on criminal complaints of offering to engage and computer crimes.

Bryan Christopher Phillips Mugshot John 2014-10-08.jpg
Bryan Phillips Prostitute OCPDJailbooking 2014-10-07.jpg

**Side Note: It hasn’t escaped JohnTV’s attention that whenever an alleged male prostitute is arrested in OKC it is done BEFORE they get naked or touch the female officer. However, in virtually every case where a female prostitute is arrested, the female has already been persuaded to undress and or touch the genitals of the male undercover officer….. just say’n.


When Phillips was being booked in to jail, he gave his home address as a student housing complex on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma (see booking entry above).

JohnTV was able to verify Phillips' status as a UCO student by calling the University.

A member of the UCO Soccer Club also reached out to JohnTV and confirmed that Phillips was previously a member of their team.

It was almost five months after Phillips' arrest before formal criminal charges were filed against him.

On Feb. 27, of this year, Phillips was charged with one misdemeanor count of offering to engage in prostitution and one felony count of computer crimes. (Phillips'court record has since been expunged and deleted from OSCN)

Fastforward to last Thursday and Phillips’ case has come to a conclusion.

Phillips stood before Oklahoma County Judge Glenn Jones as assistant district attorney Erika Gillock announced that the state had reached a plea agreement with Phillips.

In exchange for Phillips’ guilty plea to the misdemeanor prostitution charge, the state agreed to dismiss the more serious felony computer crimes charge.

Phillips was then formally sentenced to three-years of probation, to be supervised by the DA’s office, $100 fine and court costs. Phillips’ sentencing is considered a ‘deferred sentence’ which means in the future this will not be considered a conviction and Phillips can eventually have the opportunity to have his record cleared.

In light of the facts surrounding this case; Phillips has no apparent prior criminal record. Phillips was prostituting of his own free will. Phillips is not alleged to have been involved in the prostitution of any other 3rd party. Phillips was keeping his prostitution “BCD” (Behind Closed Doors). And he was an adult prostituting himself to other consensual adults…. JohnTV agrees with the sentence imposed.

UPDATE: Since this article was published, the original felony charges and conviction are no longer published on This would seem to indicate that Phillips had this criminal record expunged (even before his original probationary period ended). If so, his attorney didn't do him a very good job, as he neglected to also expunge the Certificate of Probable Cause document from OSCN. That document will still contain the details of Phillips' arrest, as seen in the probable cause affidavit below...