Young OKC woman, caught up in street prostitution, is murdered in California by two serial killers

(posted 11/16/2016) -- A young Oklahoma mother, known to frequently prostitute along south Oklahoma City's notorious S. Robinson Ave., was murdered in California by two registered sex offenders. Her murder proved to be the missing link that uncovered the serial murders of at least three other missing street prostitutes.

21-year-old Jarrae Nykkole Estepp's nude and 'badly damaged' body was discovered on an Anaheim recycling center conveyor belt by employees around 10:30 a.m. on March 14, 2014.

Estepp had reportedly recently traveled from her mother's home in Lawton, and from there, by bus, to California.

Prior to leaving Lawton, Estepp left her toddler son in the care of her mother.

Estepp was well known to JohnTV.


For several months Estepp was a daily fixture along S. Robinson Ave., where she would sell herself to as many as a dozen strangers a day. Estepp lived not far from the Robinson stroll, with a black male pimp that went my the street name 'Magnificent.' 

In 2012, while obviously pregnant, Estepp, 19, was often video recorded by JohnTV as she engaged in street prostitution.

1/27/2012 - OKC, OK -- Jarrae Estepp, noticeably pregnant, engages in street prostitution in S. Oklahoma City. 

Estepp, pregnant, was also captured on video on Valentine's Day 2012 by JohnTV with several 'Johns.'

Jarrae Estepp, Valentine's Day 2012.

On Feb. 29 of 2012, Estepp was caught on video with a 'John' who was driving his employer's vehicle.

JohnTV's creator, Brian Bates, had several opportunities to speak with Estepp when they encountered each other on the streets.

"Jarrae was just 18 when I first met her. She claimed she had been prostituting since she was 15 years old," said Bates. "While she had a very youthful and naive appearance, she was extremely street savvy and unpredictable. She could play the part of a victim one minute and the role of a 'bottom bitch' threatening to cut your throat the next. One day she'd say she had no choice but to be on the streets and the next she'd claim that she called the shots and that her pimp was her partner, not her keeper," said Bates.

In fact, JohnTV remains in contact with a young woman who was recruited into street prostitution by Estepp and her pimp in 2012. The girl, who we will call 'Crystal', was a teen at the time and met Estepp while she was being held in the Oklahoma County Jail on a drug charge. Estepp befriended Crystal and had her pimp bail them both out of jail. After Crystal was released, she was coerced by Estepp and her pimp to prostitute herself on S. Robinson Ave. to pay them back. Below is a photo of Estepp and Crystal only two days after they both got out of jail...

'Crystal' (second from the left) and Estepp (thrid from the left) on S. Robinson Ave.

Fortunately, Crystal reached out to a then volunteer with No Boundaries Int'l (NBI) and, with her help, was able to leave the streets.

Estepp, who also had regular encounters with NBI's street outreach team was not so fortunate or ready to help in her own rehabilitation.

Jarrae Estepp, several months pregnant and engaging in street prostitution in S. OKC.

Estepp continued to work the streets until only days before giving birth and returned to S. Robinson just 72-hours later.

Soon after giving birth to a baby boy, Child Protective Services paid a visit to Estepp's SE Oklahoma City apartment. 

Fearing the state was about to take her child, and trying to stay ahead of recently issued arrest warrants, Estepp and her pimp quickly fled their apartment.

JohnTV's Brian Bates accompanied a local group of bounty hunters as they went to Estepp's apartment to try and take her back into custody...

April 2012. JohnTV accompanies local bounty hunters as they search for Estepp.

Estepp continued to prostitute herself along S. Robinson Ave. and in the parking lots of nearby strip clubs.

Estepp eventually relocated to Lawton, Oklahoma to be closer to friends and family.

Estepp had often shared with JohnTV that she felt very close to her younger brother, she deeply missed her deceased father and that she had a tumultuous relationship with her mother - whom Estepp claimed, "my mother is a hoe and I'm a hoe just like her."

While in Lawton, Estepp continued to raise her son while she tried to hold down legitimate employment and continued to engage in prostitution to support herself and her addictions.


In March of 2014 Estepp reportedly packed her bags, boarded a Greyhound bus and headed for California. According to Estepp's family, she was going to California to visit a close relative who was incarcerated there.

Estepp is known to have visited the area as recently as 2013.

Estepp arrived in Anaheim just a few days prior to her murder.

According to investigative documents, Estepp rented a low budget motel and engaged in street prostitution in the area to raise money,

It was while Estepp was engaging in street prostitution that she met her soon-to-be killers - later identified as registered sex offenders Steven Dean Gordon, 45, and Franc Cano 27.

Investigators later used ankle monitor GPS data, cell phone text messages and statements from Gordon and Cano to create a timeline of Estepp's last moments.

Jarrae Estepp soliciting street prostitution near SW 43 and S. Robinson Ave. in OKC.

According to police, Gordon and Cano spotted Estepp soliciting passing cars on Beach Blvd. (near Ball) early in the evening of March 13, 2014.

Both Gordon and Cano were required to wear ankle monitors that transmitted and stored their location via GPS.

6:50 p.m. Cano's GPS monitor indicated he was cruising the Beach Blvd. and Lincoln areas.

7:08 p.m. Estepp makes her last cell phone call while walking near 800 S. Beach Blvd. in Western Anaheim.

Estepp's cell phone records indicate that she is sending and receiving text messages from "Ricky" in Oklahoma.

Reportedly, Cano hid in the back of Gordon's Toyota 4-Runner as Gordon pulled up to Estepp, who was allegedly arguing with two black males on the sidewalk. Gordon said Estepp hurriedly got into his vehicle and they drove off.

Estepp told Gordon that she didn’t do anything for less than $80 and she wanted to see the cash first.

Gordon told Estepp he didn’t have that much cash on him but would go inside a nearby bank and withdraw it from an ATM.

Gordon told investigators that in reality he didn’t have any money and made up the ATM story to Estepp so that she would assume he had the cash after returning from the bank lobby.

Gordon said that he drove to a motel parking lot and that Estepp moved to the back seat of the 4-Runner and began removing her pants.

8:06 p.m. Cano's GPS monitor indicates he is in the back parking lot of the Buena Park Hotel. At the same time, "Rickey" sends Estepp a text message that goes unanswered.

At that point Cano revealed himself from his hiding spot in the back of the SUV and grabbed Estepp. Gordon then hurriedly drove to Boss Paint and Body shop – some 15 miles away - where the duo had an RV parked. 

8:07 p.m. Estepp's phone “goes dead” (is either turned off or the battery is removed).

Cano’s GPS monitor showed to be generally north of the 91 Freeway and east of Beach Blvd.

Estepp’s phone continues to receive several calls, but all the calls are sent straight to voice mail.

Estepp’s phone is never powered on again.

Cano’s GPS monitor indicates he is driving on a highway back to Boss Paint and Body shop, located at 3421 E. La Palma Avenue.

Body shop where Jarrae Estepp was taken to an RV parked in the back, raped and murdered.

Once they got Estepp back to their RV, Gordon claims that Estepp performed oral sex on him and then engaged in vaginal intercourse with both he and Cano.

At some point Gordon said he told Cano to leave him alone with Estepp. Gordon then told Estepp to “make love to him like he was her boyfriend.” Afterwards Gordon claims he and Estepp fell asleep.

At some point while Gordon and Estepp were alone in the RV, Gordon and Cano engaged in a spine chilling cell phone text discussion of whether or not to kill Estepp.

After being woke up, Estepp said she wanted to leave. All three then reportedly got back into the 4-Runner and Gordon told Estepp he wanted her to stay with them. Estepp protested and Cano began struggling with her.

Gordon said that Estepp produced a small canister of mace and sprayed both men. Cano then grabbed Estepp around the neck while Gordon began punching the air and the life out of her. Gordon made it clear to investigators that Estepp was not an easy victim and they found her very difficult to kill.

Once Estepp was unconscious, they took her out of their vehicle and removed all her clothing.

Gordon said that when he thought Cano wasn’t paying attention he leaned in and kissed Estepp and whispered that he was sorry. Estepp, apparently not dead, began to move. Cano became enraged and stood up and started stomping on Estepp’s head and neck in an effort to kill her once and for all.

When Gordon and Cano were satisfied that Estepp was dead, they tossed her in the dumpster like discarded garbage.

When Estepp was discovered at the recycling center, just hours later, her body was so contorted that employees thought it might have been a mannequin or prop. Investigators said Estepp’s legs were broken and bent to the point bones were protruding through the skin.

Estepp’s skull was crushed so badly that investigators could not positively identify her from her driver’s license photo and instead had to rely on tattoos and finger prints. Those details showed a match to information entered into a police database from when Estepp had been previously detained by police on a prior visit to California in 2013.

Despite Gordon’s version of events – that Estepp basically engaged in consensual prostitution related sexual intercourse with them – the physical evidence points to a violent rape. At autopsy it was revealed that Estepp’s vaginal area suffered from extensive tears and trauma in a way that is common in violent forced consensual sex or rape. Additionally, it was revealed that Estepp was on her period at the time of her death and that a tampon was found lodged inside her vagina — something investigators believe would not have been present had she consented to intercourse.

The most horrific detail revealed at autopsy was the fact that there is evidence that quite possibly Estepp was still alive (but most likely unconscious and gravely wounded) when she was placed in the trash dumpster and subsequently crushed during the compacting process.


Three days after her body was discovered, No Boundaries International held a candlelight vigil in Oklahoma City in honor of Estepp.

Several volunteers with NBI's street outreach team had become very close to Estepp  - often praying with her and even giving her donated items, like a handmade baby blanket.

Below is a vide of Estepp's memorial service, hosted by NBI...

3/17/2014 - Jarrae Estepp memorial service as hosted by No Boundaries Int'l.

Below is a short video that was created by JohnTV's Brian Bates for use at Estepp's memorial service...


Gordon and Cano might have not been identified as Estepp's killer if not for the diligent work of homicide investigators - in particular Anaheim Detective Bruce Linn.

While sifting through the garbage that lay near Estepp's body on the conveyor belt, Det. Linn took interest in two empty tubes of caulking.

Det. Linn soon surmised that the tubes of caulking were thrown away by window installers who routinely dumped their trash in the dumpster behind Boss Paint & Body.

Estepp's fingerprints were later found on a recycling bin at the body shop, proving she had been at that location before her death.

Investigators soon learned that registered sex offenders Gordon and Cano also were known to frequent the area. Gordon is owned and lived in the RV that he parked behind the body shop and often worked odd jobs there.

After identifying Gordon and Cano as persons of interest, detectives soon learned the pair had been court ordered to wear GPS ankle monitors. A review of their GPS location history proved crucial in getting a confession from Gordon during his almost 14-hour interrogation.


Also revealed from Gordon's interrogation and his GPS ankle monitor history was that he and Cano were actually unrealized serial killers.

Gordon reportedly confessed to the murders of at least five women - all of which are believed to have been involved in street prostitution and were killed in a manner similar to Estepp.

One of Gordon and Cano's alleged victim's has yet to be identified. The other four have been identified as previously missing 20-year old Kianna Jackson, Josephine Vargas, 34, Martha Anaya, 28, and 21-year-old Jarrae Estepp.

From left to right; Kianna Jackson, 20, Josephine Vargas, 34 and Martha Anaya, 28.

Only Estepp's body has been found. It is believed the other four victim's bodies are buried under tons of garbage in a California landfill.

Gordon, who insisted on talking about the murdered women in chronological order, said he and Cano chose their victims at random and that all were area street prostitutes that they’d rape prior to killing and discarding.

All of the murders occurred during a five-month period that ended with the discovery of Estepp’s body on March 14, 2014.

According to Gordon; He would drive around looking for a female engaging in street prostitution and would pick her up while Cano hid, ducked down, in the back cargo area of their Toyota 4-Runner. Once a woman would get inside Gordon’s vehicle, Cano would overpower her from behind while Gordon continued to drive back to the Boss Paint and Body shop.

Once there, Gordon and Cano would take the women inside their RV and rape them.

After the duo had finished with the women, Gordon stated that Cano would strangle each one while he would repeatedly punch them in the chest to knock the air out of them and speed up their deaths.

Some of the women were reportedly wrapped in garbage bags before being discarded in the body shop’s trash dumpster.

Despite a mountain of evidence against them, both Gordon and Cano have pleaded innocent of the charges against them.

Also revealed in court documents was the fact that investigators claim Estepp had a pimp in Oklahoma and a pimp in Fresno. Both pimps were eliminated early on in the investigation as suspects in Estepp’s murder.


Steven Gordon has insisted on and been allowed to represent himself in court.

Gordon's trial is set to begin Nov. 16, 2016.

Gordon's confession has been ruled inadmissible in his trial.

If convicted, Gordon faces the death penalty.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.


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