'John' Efren Gonzales, busted by JohnTV pleads guilty


4/29/2014 – OKC, OK — An Oklahoma City ‘John’, who was caught by JohnTV’s own Video Vigilante, pleaded guilty last month to prostitution related charges and has been sentenced.

As previously reported by JohnTV, back in Aug. of last year, Efren Gonzales, 49, was caught on video picking up a street prostitute near the corner of SW 43 and S. Robinson Ave. Gonzales then took the female to a nearby apartment complex parking lot in the 4900 block of S. Walker Ave. Once there, Video Vigilante Brian Bates approached Gonzales’ SUV and confronted him and the prostitute in the back seat.

Gonzales and the woman didn’t have much to say at the time and the resulting video was posted to JohnTV’s YouTube channel.

The video has received over 7-million views as of this publication (see video below or click here).

On March 26, Gonzales pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of ‘prostitution, engaging in an act of lewdness.’

Gonzales was sentenced to one-year suspended (supervised), 40-hours of community service, $200 fine, $200 VCA and court costs.

No other criminal record for Gonzales could be found.

JohnTV Editorial; If Gonzales truly had no priors then his attorney, Jerry Jones, got him a pretty raw deal. It is extremely rare that JohnTV’s see’s ‘Johns’ with no prior record NOT get a deferred sentence – as opposed to the suspended sentence Gonzales received. The difference? With a deferred sentence a criminal defendant technically has not been convicted of anything and in most cases can have the entire incident expunged (or erased) from his record. With a suspended sentence a defendant has a conviction on their record and if they violate the terms of their suspended sentence they can be sent to jail.