Former OKC pimp Germaine Coulter’s home foreclosed and he gets a new mugshot

11/1/2013 – OKC, OK — A notorious Oklahoma pimp and human trafficker is having his former residence foreclosed on and he recently got a snazzy new mugshot.

JohnTV has reported on Germaine Coulter for years now – we’ve covered everything from Coulter’s connection to the FBI’s anti-child trafficking efforts, to bizarre Coulter drug arrests, to Coulter’s eventual return to prison almost a year ago.

In particular JohnTV’s Video Vigilante Brian Bates took particular satisfaction in exposing Coulter’s many personal residences throughout Edmond and Oklahoma City.

Former residences of OKC/Edmond pimp Germaine Coulter.

In 2009 JohnTV exposed one of Coulter’s (since vacated) mansions in north Edmond (see photo left, top).

Soon after our efforts made local news headlines, Coulter and his crew abandoned the home and let it go into foreclosure.

Most recently, in 2012, JohnTV and volunteers (all female, the male volunteers chickened out at the last minute), plastered Coulter’s latest upscale neighborhood, The Oaks, with fliers informing Coulter’s neighbors there was a pimp and human trafficker amongst them (see photo left, bottom).

This resulted in Coulter’s crew AGAIN throwing all their belongings into their vehicles and fleeing.

Within 24-hours warrants were issued for Coulter’s arrest.

Well, it seems this house’s fate may be a repeat of Coulter’s other homes.

According to court records, in June formal foreclosure proceedings began against Coulter’s former The Oaks residence.

According to a flurry of paperwork back-and-forth, at the heart of the foreclosure is Coulter’s corporate shell, Coulter Development & Construction Inc., and an alleged investor, Dorothy Baker.

Not much is know about Baker, beyond her claims she was hoodwinked by others who convinced her to ‘invest’ in the home that was later put in Coulter’s company’s name.

Baker is contesting the foreclosure.

The home has since been taken out of Coulter’s name.

In other pimp news, it appears Coulter got to pose for a new mug shot at about the same time as his home was being foreclosed on (see photo below, far left).

Coulter is currently serving ten years in prison for a racketeering conviction and drug dealing tied to his pimping and human trafficking efforts.

Germaine Coulter's various mugshots from 2001 - 2013.