OKC Prostitute seeks to change son’s name to honor former pimp & human trafficker


5/17/2013 – OKC, OK — A woman who once held a leadership role in Oklahoma’s most infamous prostitution and human trafficking ring is seeking a court order to officially change the name of her child to honor her former pimp – and she’s doing it from the comfort of a $1.4 million dollar mansion in Gailardia.

JohnTV has often reported on, and been the perpetual thorn in the side of, a huge prostitution and human trafficking ring in Oklahoma that was (until recently) ran by Germaine Coulter, his lieutenant Mario Diaz and a handful of women in various leadership and prostitution roles.

The alleged leaders of an often violent human trafficking ring; Elizabeth Andrade, Brandie Stanley and Christina Byler.

The alleged leaders of an often violent human trafficking ring; Elizabeth Andrade, Brandie Stanley and Christina Byler.

Elizabeth Andrade, 30, was one of those women who not only prostituted for Coulter but also shared his many luxurious residences and managed much of the criminal enterprise’s business – A horrific and illegal business that the FBI estimates made Coulter and his crew upwards of $200,000 per month – literally off the backs of young women who were strung out and forced to sell themselves daily until they reached quotas of up to $1,500.

In Sept. of 2011, Andrade, along with Coulter, Diaz and two additional co-conspirators, were charged with felony racketeering related to their prostitution and human trafficking organization.

In Aug. of 2012 Andrade  pled guilty to conspiracy to hide criminal proceeds and was given a 10-year deferred sentence.

Historically deferred sentences are reserved for those criminal defendants who have no prior history of criminal behavior.

As luck would have it, Andrade has four times now been charged with either misdemeanors or felonies and each time been granted the golden ticket of deferment.

But, maybe luck doesn’t play as much of a role as money – and lots of it – Its a funny thing what money can do to lift the blinders of justice.

In 2009 Andrade was charged with prostitution and obstruction. In 2010 she was charged with prostitution and possession of hydrocodone. In 2011 Andrade was charged with felony racketeering, and while awaiting sentencing she was charged with felony computer crimes and prostitution.

Despite Andrade racketing up quite the criminal resume in only a few short years, she managed to avoid any repercussions whatsoever.

A review of court records seems to show that the only time she’s been held accountable for her actions was when Deaconess Hospital sued Andrade for $10,000 in unpaid medical bills after she was attacked by a hatchet wielding ‘John.’

Deaconess was awarded $12,516.60 plus court costs and ‘all future court costs expended in this matter’ in Feb. of 2011.

Andrade was ordered to pay a paltry $75 per month plus interest until paid off (in case you’re wondering, that’s over 14-years of payments at the minimum rate).

But it seems Andrade had fallen onto hard financial times and wasn’t making her payments. So, the debtor sought relief via garnishment.

And where do you think Andrade listed her employment? Maybe a local strip bar, massage parlor or even a fast food joint? Nope, she was apparently employed by City National Bank!

I guess being a former high ranking member of a lucrative prostitution and human trafficking ring is good training for the banking industry.

I bet some of you are feeling sorta sorry and a bit sad for this lost soul of a woman….. and, you’re probably thinking Andrade has realized she has dodged more than one judicial bullet, has been freed from her pimp boss Coulter and turned over a new leaf….

Germaine Coulter – Leader of a infamous OKC prostitution & human trafficking ring.

Well, not exactly. It seems Andrade decided to celebrate the seven month mark of her guilty plea in her racketeering case by filing legal intent to change her young son’s name to honor her former pimp and human trafficker.

On March 28, of this year Andrade made publication (see left) of intent to change her son Germaine Jordan Andrade’s name to Germaine Coulter III.

I’m sure a psychologist could make sense of this, but here at JohnTV we can’t for the life of us figure out why you’d brand a child for life with the name of a monster that victimized so many.

Another interesting tidbit in the Journal Record publication was the home address listed in the posting – 14204 Calais Circle in Oklahoma City.

Yeah, I know, we didn’t recognize that street name either – but that’s only because we don’t have friends that live in the prestigious neighborhood of Gailardi. Yeah, THAT Gailardi – filled with Oklahoma’s most rich and famous.

According to public records, the home is indeed owned by an Andrade – Deborah Andrade to be specific and is a cozy 5,372 square feet and valued at $1.4 million.

Since we can’t go knock on the door (we’re told Gailardi security has orders to shoot first and ask questions later) we can only assume that Andrade is either living with her wealthy parents – her father is a very well known and rich local doctor – or this is yet another high priced home occupied by members of the Coulter criminal organization that have a habit of putting homes in the names of others to throw off authorities (our money is on the first option).

The name change is not yet official, and JohnTV will continue to follow the the procedures as they progress.