Former high ranking member of OKC human trafficking ring set to change son’s name to honor pimp tomorrow

8/7/2013 – OKC, OK — A woman who was once considered by many to have been a ‘bottom bitch’ for one of Oklahoma City’s most notorious prostitution and human trafficking rings is set to go before a judge tomorrow to change her son’s name to honor her former pimp.


JohnTV has reported many times on prostitute Elizabeth Andrade, 30, and her close association with the Germaine Coulter and Mario Diaz criminal organizations – organizations that law enforcement claim made upwards of $200,000 per month – literally off the backs of young women they victimized.

Coulter was recently convicted of racketeering related to his human trafficking ring and sentenced to prison. Diaz is still awaiting trial later this month – a trial where’s own Video Vigilante Brian Bates has been subpoenaed to testify.

As reported previously, in March of this year, Andrade filed in Oklahoma County court to officially change the name of her son from Germaine Jordan Andrade to Germaine Coulter III.

No word if little Germaine is being groomed to follow in daddy’s footsteps.

Regardless, little Germaine is living in the style to which big Germaine was accustomed. Court records show that Andrade is living in a $1.4 million dollar mansion in the prestigious gated community of Gailardia in NW Oklahoma City.

Andrade is the daughter of a well known and very wealthy local physician of the same name.

Andrade’s date with the judge is tomorrow at 10:30 a.m.

The alleged leaders of an often violent human trafficking ring; Elizabeth Andrade, Brandie Stanley and Christina Byler.