(video) Warrants issued for another member of Coulter/Diaz alleged human trafficking ring


5/22/2012 – OKC, OK — A high profile member of the alleged Germaine Coulter and Mario Diaz human trafficking ring has city warrants issued for her arrest.

JohnTV just learned that last month Brandie Juanita Stanley, 27, had three separate city warrants issued for her arrest – none are very serious, but its still a tool to cause an inconvenience for this alleged high profile, high profit, human trafficking ring.

According to public records, on April 10th city warrants were issued for failure to show proof of insurance, failure to stop for a stop sign and driving under suspension after former conviction.

Stanley first made news in October 2008 when she was one of 20 people arrested in Oklahoma City as part of the FBI’s national raid targeting suspecting child traffickers in Operation Cross Country II.

Though not charged in the Coulter/Diaz felony racketeering case, Stanley is mentioned repeatedly in the probable cause affidavit and is recognized as a prostitute, recruiter and trusted member of the alleged human trafficking ring.

After the arrest and prison sentence of Germaine Coulter in Texas, and subsequent local racketeering charges, I began receiving word from individuals in Virginia that Brandie had returned there and was using the name Brandie Johnson.

Once Coulter was released from Texas prison (early) and moved back to Oklahoma, Stanley also packed up and returned to OKC. It is assumed Stanley returned to resume her position (no pun intended) within the alleged human trafficking ring.

Brandie Stanley working as a street prostitute in south Oklahoma City.

Brandie Stanley working as a street prostitute in south Oklahoma City.

Stanley was first spotted, after returning from Virginia, allegedly prostituting along South Robinson Ave. in April. She was spotted most recently less than two weeks ago. She has been seen, photographed and videotaped coming and going from Coulter’s residence un an upscale north Oklahoma City neighborhood. That same home and neighborhood was targeted by JohnTV last week in a flier distribution effort.

Neighbors tell JohnTV that since the fliers were handed out and news media outlets reported on the incident, most of the occupants of the home have not been seen and the home is much quieter.

The day after the flier campaign, a new felony drug case was filed against Coulter and another woman for drug possession. Coulter, who is scheduled to appear in court this morning, is currently eluding arrest and on the run.

You can check the status of Stanley’s city warrants on the city of Oklahoma City’s website. If you see her while she has an active warrant, call Oklahoma City police or the Oklahoma City, City Marshals office.