Oklahoma City pimp featured on AMW, arrested and faces preliminary hearing


7/17/2012 – OKC, OK — An infamous Oklahoma City pimp who fled to Texas after being charged with racketeering has been featured on America’s Most Wanted, re-arrested and now faces a preliminary hearing next month.

Mario Shavez Diaz, 30, is a longtime, vicious pimp and human trafficker who learned ‘the game’ from another infamous Oklahoma human trafficker/pimp Germaine Coulter.

JohnTV has a long history of causing as much disruption to the Diaz/Coulter criminal enterprise as possible. Over the years JohnTV’s own Video Vigilante Brian Bates has had several of Diaz’s prostituted women arrested and has even confronted Diaz himself when he and a prostitute attacked  another on South Robinson Ave.

In September Diaz, Coulter and three women were charged with felony racketeering in regard to their alleged human trafficking and pimping activities and their efforts to conceal the hundreds of thousands in illegal profits. B

Before the charges were even filed, Diaz had abandoned his $400,000 home in NW Oklahoma City and fled to Houston. There he is said to have continued his pimping of young women.

In the last couple of months Diaz was featured on a human trafficking special on America’s Most Wanted. Diaz was also captured in Texas and returned to Oklahoma City. Police officially claim that Diaz was arrested during a routine traffic stop. However, law enforcement sources tell JohnTV that Diaz was actually being watched by the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force and may have been tipped off to Diaz’s location by Coulter himself.

Mario Diaz was recently featured on America’s Most Wanted.

Mario Diaz was recently featured on America’s Most Wanted.

Just days before Diaz was arrested, a new warrant was issued for Coulter’s arrest on a new drug possession charge. It is speculated by some that Coulter gave law enforcement Diaz’s location before turning himself in, in hopes of garnering preferential treatment in his upcoming trials. JohnTV has also been told by reputable sources within law enforcement that Oklahoma City Police requested more lenient treatment of Coulter in recent months because he ‘was cooperating in additional investigations’ (aka, ‘snitching’).

Diaz was described by Americas Most Wanted;

“Mario doesn’t know how to flip burgers. Mario doesn’t know how to deal dope. Mario doesn’t know how to do anything except be a pimp,” says Oklahoma City Detective Matt Martin. “And Mario’s going to continue to be a pimp until we put him in jail.”

Diaz is currently being held in the Oklahoma County Jail on a $900,000 bond, along with Coulter, who is being held with no bond.

Both Diaz and Coulter are set to have their preliminary hearing on August 31 – you can count on JohnTV to be there too!