More information regarding murdered alleged prostitute Jaymie Adams

1/8/2012 – OKC, OK -- Jaymie Adams, 25, was reported missing by her husband Justin Adams, 25, on Dec. 10th. After initially lying to investigators about the details surrounding Jaymie’s disappearance, Justin told police that his wife was working as a prostitute on the website Craigslist and disappeared while allegedly going to meet a ‘John.’

Justin participated in a polygraph and police allege he showed to be deceptive when it came to questions regarding if he knew where his wife was.

Yesterday Jaymie’s body was discovered at a dirt bike track only two miles from where her van was discovered the day she went missing.

Today, the personal vehicle’s of Justin and his mother, Tina Clark, were impounded by police and Justin’s lawyer claims police have named the two as suspects in Jaymie’s death.

Justin and Jaymie had only been married since Feb. of this year. The two had a four month old son together and Jaymie reportedly had four other children (though some published articles state she only had three other children). Jaymie was also two months pregnant at the time of her murder.

If one is to believe Jaymie’s husband, she lived a double life – by day a devoted mother, homemaker, student, blogger and crocheter – and by night – a prostitute who posted ads on Craigslist and met with up to three strangers a day for anonymous sex for cash – all with her military husband’s knowledge.

Then there is the whole matter of Justin telling investigators that he and his wife were active ‘swingers’ and would engage in wife-swapping with couples they’d meet online.

Some searching by JohnTV has turned up a blog authored by Jaymie entitled “The Sound of Creativity.” In her profile Jaymie describers herself as, “a wife and a mother to three wonderful sons. I am a college student chasing a medical dream, and I have a creative heart. I enjoy crochet, my sewing machine is a dear friend, and mod podge is my new favorite toy. I hope to produce an income doing the things I love.”

Jaymie also had a Facebook page (since deleted) where she posted photos of the many “birthday beanies” she crocheted benefitting the American Cancer Society.

Jaymie and Justin Adams.

Even if the investigation shows that a ‘John’ and not Justin are responsible for the death of his wife, Justin still may face criminal charges.

According to Oklahoma statute 21-1028 (f) it is illegal for Justin to have knowingly accepted monies made by his wife while she prostituted. Additionally, section (g) states it is illegal for the couple to have owned a vehicle used for the purpose of facilitating prostitution.

A conviction on either charge can result in a jail term of 30-days to one year and a fine up to $2,500 and community service of up to 80 hours.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.