Missing Pregnant Oklahoma mom was an online prostitute; husband reportedly hindering investigation

1/7/2012 - OKC, OK -- A pregnant Oklahoma mother of three went missing in early December. The woman's husband has reportedly repeatedly hindered the investigation and only recently divulged his wife was an online prostitute.

Jaymie Lee Adams (formerly Kuehler), 25, allegedly left her home the evening of Dec. 9 to run to the grocery store. Jaymie then allegedly called her husband to say she was going to meet ‘a friend’ at a McDonald’s and was never heard from again. Jaymie’s husband of only 11 months, Justin Dewayne Adams, 25, reported her missing and conveyed the circumstances surrounding his wife’s disappearance to police. What Justin failed to mention was that Jaymie was living a double-life as an Internet prostitute and that she supposedly went missing while out on a ‘date.’ The details surrounding Jaymie’s work as a prostitute would also indicate that Justin was either complicit with her prostitution or was acting as his wife's pimp.

Jaymie and Justin Adams.

Justin initially told police that he had located Jaymie’s abandoned van in the McDonald’s parking lot around 5 a.m. on December 10 near SE 29 and Douglas Boulevard. Justin also claims that the owner of a nearby Denny’s had told him he saw Jamie around 3 a.m. when she purchased some food. However, surveillance video and conversations with the restaurant owner contradicted those statements. Justin insisted to police that his wife had told him she was meeting a friend, whose identity he didn’t know, at the McDonald’s at 11 p.m. the night before. Justin said the last communication he had with her was when she sent him a text message stating she had arrived at the fast food restaurant.

On December 11 Justin walked into the Santa Fe division police station and told police he had not been honest with them. Justin stated that Jaymie, who was two months pregnant, had been meeting ‘Johns’ she had met on Craigslist, where she advertised massages. Justin said the massages where just a cover for prostitution and on the day she disappeared she had arranged to meet with three separate clients. Justin claims Jaymie had only been prostituting since October.

Justin also admitted that on the day Jaymie disappeared she had left their Blanchard trailer to meet a stranger for sex at a Norman motel. She then went to meet up with a second ‘date’ at the McDonald’s where her vehicle was later found. Justin told police, in his revised statement, that Jaymie called him when use arrived at the McDonald’s and told him the ‘date’ was a no-show.

Justin also admitted that he and his wife were active ‘swingers’ and would meet up for sex with other couples they met online.

Justin then voluntarily signed a consent to search affidavit allowing police to seize Jaymie’s personal belongings and search the couples residence located at 2432 County 1313 Rd., in Blanchard.

Members of Oklahoma City Police’s missing persons and homicide are both working on the case. Police have suggested that Jaymie may very well be dead based on the totality of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

Justin Adams

Justin reportedly submitted to a polygraph test which revealed he was being deceptive in reference to knowing his wife’s whereabouts.

Homicide detectives reviewed the couples cell phone records and found that during the early morning hours of Dec. 10, that both Justin and Jaymie’s phones were relaying telephone calls from the same cell phone towers.

Police have not officially named any suspects or made any arrests.

A public records search showed no prior criminal record for either Jaymie or Justin. Jaymie does appear to have an active warrant for her arrest out of Rogers County for an unresolved speeding ticket from 2005.

A Facebook page allegedly belonging to Jaymie indicates she graduated from Nowata High School in 2004 and is studying pre-med at Oklahoma City Community College. Also, according to her Facebook page, Jaymie made  handmade beanies to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

You can view the official OCPD missing/possibly endangered person information at this link. You can also find additional information on a Facebook page setup to in regards to her missing persons status.