OKC’s most notorious pimp, Germaine Coulter, pleads guilty and gets 10yrs in prison

11/14/2012 – OKC, OK — You heard it here first! Oklahoma City’s most notorious pimp and human trafficker Germaine Coulter pleaded guilty today and was sentenced to prison for laundering the proceeds of his prostitution business through shell companies.

JohnTV has reported many times on the prostitution, human sex trafficking and drug dealing criminal organization ran by local scum bags Germaine Coulter and Mario Diaz.

Just this afternoon Coulter, who has been sitting in the Oklahoma County Jail since JohnTV’s Video Vigilante Brian Bates flooded his neighborhood with fliers informing them of his criminal enterprise, pleaded guilty to several felony charges.

According to court records, this afternoon Coulter appeared before Oklahoma County Judge Donald Deason and pleaded guilty to racketeering (running a prostitution ring), and in separate charges to marijuana distribution, maintaining a dwelling where drugs are kept, possession of meth, and possession of hydrocodone.

Coulter, 39, was sentenced to 20-years suspended with the first 10-years to be served in prison, along with various fines and court costs. Coulter will be required to serve 85% of his prison sentence before being eligible for parole. Coulter faced up to life in prison had he gone to trial.

Bates had been subpoenaed in Coulter’s case and was expected to testify against him. Much of that testimony was expected to revolve around video evidence Bates had of Coulter and Diaz’s criminal operation and conversations Bates had with women claiming to being prostituted by the two men.

In May, Coulter was interviewed by KWTV News9. During that interview Coulter insisted he was innocent and had never ran a prostitution ring.

Prosecutors allege Coulter’s criminal activities made him around $240,000 a month, starting around 2006. The proceeds from his illegal activity were allegedly laundered through locally owned businesses like Edmond based Family Carpet Care and a car lot owned in part by a local notorious member of the mafia. JohnTV was also able to uncover an Edmond realtor that was also aiding Coulter and Diaz in purchasing homes and property around Oklahoma City and Edmond.

Last month a dozen vehicles and some plots of land that previously belonged to Coulter were auctioned off by the state. The auction reportedly netted $108,500. The auction proceeds along with over $31,000 in cash seized from Coulter will be divided between police and the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office.

Diaz is still in jail awaiting the continuation of his preliminary hearing on Dec. 12.