JohnTV and volunteers target alleged prostitution ring in upscale OKC neighborhood


UPDATE: The next morning after JohnTV distributed fliers, new and disturbing felony drug charges were filed against Coulter. (link)

5/16/2012 – OKC, OK —  A notorious sex trafficking ring with ties to child prostitution resurfaces in an upscale NW Oklahoma City neighborhood and JohnTV and volunteers spend the afternoon alerting the community.

The human trafficking ring has been the focus of the FBI, OSBI and local police and prosecutors for several years, but yesterday they were the focus of JohnTV and volunteers. Recently the ring resurfaced in the Oaks III community, a family friendly neighborhood of homes ranging in price from $250,000 to over half-a-million dollars.

Brian Bates of JohnTV and volunteers distributed 300 fliers door-ro-door alerting families in the neighborhood that an alleged sex trafficking ring was based and operating just doors down from where their children play.

The flier provides a brief overview of the criminal organization, identifies the home as being located at 13000 Red Cedar Circle, provides mugshots of the leadership of the organization and also contains disturbing excerpts from court papers detailing the violence that is often a daily occurrence.

Fox25 gets Germaine Coulter in court on May 16, 2012.

Fox25 gets Germaine Coulter in court on May 16, 2012.

JohnTV and local media outlets have been reporting on the alleged criminal activities of the Germaine Coulter and Mario Diaz sex trafficking ring that has operated in Oklahoma City and Edmond since at least 2005. Authorities estimate the criminal enterprise makes more than $200,000 per month selling young girls and drugs.

For the last few years the ring’s leader, Germain Coulter, has been in a Texas prison for a drug and weapons conviction. Coulter was recently released and then transferred to the Oklahoma County Jail to face felony charges of racketeering. From there he was released on $100,000 bond. Three other members of Coulter’s sex trafficking ring are also charged with felony racketeering; Mario Diaz, Christina Byler and Elizabeth Andrade. Mario has yet to be arrested and is on the run.

The alleged leaders of an often violent human trafficking ring; Elizabeth Andrade, Brandie Stanley and Christina Byler.

The alleged leaders of an often violent human trafficking ring; Elizabeth Andrade, Brandie Stanley and Christina Byler.

“The idea behind the fliers was to make the immediate community aware of the danger and to place additional pressure on the alleged criminal sex trafficking organization,” said Bates.

Apparently the ring felt the pressure right away as they were seen hurriedly loading luggage and personal items into their vehicles and fleeing the neighborhood.

The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office is reportedly looking into whether or not Coulter and his co-defendants have violated their bond agreement by continuing to associate with one another.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Coulter is already serving suspended sentences for possession of drugs (through 8/16/2015) and maintaining a drug house (through 3/9/2013). No reason has been given as to why Coulter’s current racketeering charges have not violated his current suspended sentences and resulted in his incarceration.

Additionally, word has come to JohnTV that Coulter has already agreed to a plea deal in exchange for a 20-year prison sentence but is still manipulating the system to give him up to an additional year and a half on the streets victimizing young girls.

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