OKC pimp Germaine Coulter uses OKC woman as vagina drug mule; charges filed


5/18/2012 – OKC, OK — A notorious Oklahoma City pimp and human trafficker is once again running from the law after disturbing new drug charges and an arrest warrant are issued.

Germaine Coulter, 39, is the alleged mastermind and ringleader of a highly profitable and violent ring of human traffickers. Along with another alleged pimp, Mario Diaz, 29, it is estimated the two make over $200,000 a month prostituting young women and selling drugs.

Coulter, Diaz and three other co-defendants are currently facing felony racketeering charges directly tied to their alleged human trafficking efforts.

On Wednesday, JohnTV’s own Brian Bates, along with volunteers, distributed fliers in an upscale Oklahoma City neighborhood. The purpose of the fliers was to put residence on notice that a dangerous group of suspected human traffickers was actively operating in the area.

Within hours of our efforts being reported on the local news, additional felony drug charges were filed against Coulter and another woman. 

Jessica Leaigh Wilson, 27. Oklahoma County Jail.

Jessica Leaigh Wilson, 27. Oklahoma County Jail.

According to court records (see image below), on April 14, Coulter and Jessica Leigh Wilson, 27, were pulled over near NE 63rd and Bryant Ave. after a police officer smelled marijuana on them at a nearby gas station and then observed Coulter to commit two traffic infractions.

After searching Coulter and Wilson, Coulter was allowed to leave the scene and Wilson was arrested. According to police, once they arrived at the jail, Wilson admitted that Coulter had forced her to hide meth and marijuana in her vagina. Wilson told police that Coulter himself had placed the drugs inside her when police initiated their traffic stop.

When police asked Wilson why she allowed him to do that, she replied that she was afraid of Coulter and “didn’t want to end up in a ditch.” (female members of Coulter’s alleged human trafficking ring have died under suspicious circumstances)

On Thursday morning, the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office filed felony drug possession charges against both Coulter and Wilson – arrest warrants have also been issued.

These latest charges will most likely result in the revocation of Coulter’s $100,000 bond in his current felony racketeering case.