Another defendant in Coulter/Diaz human trafficking ring pleads guilty

10/11/2012 – OKC, OK — Another defendant in the high profile racketeering case against pimps and alleged human traffickers Germaine Coulter and Mario Diaz has pled guilty in Oklahoma County court.

JohnTV was the first to widely report on the criminal activities of Coulter, Diaz and then ‘Bottom Bitch’ Christina Byler back in 2009.

Coulter and Diaz for years ran Oklahoma’s largest and most high profile prostitution ring using unspeakable violence.

In September of 2011, Coulter, Diaz and three female accomplices were charged in Oklahoma County with felony racketeering.

In July Julianne Rupert, 30, pled guilty to a reduced charge of conspiracy to commit a felony – concealing criminal proceeds. The next month Elizabeth Andrade, 29, pled guilty to the same reduced charge.

Yesterday, Christina Byler, 34, followed suit and also pled guilty to a reduced charge.

The fact the three lesser players within the criminal organization have agreed to plea bargains with very light sentences either means that they have agreed to testify against Coulter and Diaz, or, that the state is willing to spend hundreds of thousands on dollars investigating and prosecuting human traffickers only to let them walk. Only time will tell.

Byler, who is still in custody, will not be sentenced until May 17, 2013 (which begs the question, “who pleds guilty to a reduced sentence and then remains in jail 8 months waiting to be sentenced?”)

Byler hides a brick inside her coat on S. Robinson to use as a weapon.