Two high ranking women in the alleged Coulter human trafficking ring arrested this morning

Christian Byler (Coulter's 'Bottom Bitch') and Elizabeth Andrade. Oklahoma County Jail.

Christian Byler (Coulter's 'Bottom Bitch') and Elizabeth Andrade. Oklahoma County Jail.

5/24/2012 – OKC, OK — Just a week after proclaiming himself a misunderstood felonwho used to ‘manage an escort service’ – but has served his time – alleged human trafficker Germaine Coulter is now on the run with felony warrants for meth possession and racketeering. Additionally, two of his highest ranking ‘associates’ were arrested early this morning on prostitution charges.

According to court records, Christina Byler (aka Thai) and Elizabeth Andrade (aka Beth) were busted in their own version of a Facebook public offering.

Published reports say the two criminal masterminds arranged to meet a man (aka undercover officer) for sex over Facebook (so, that’s what it means to get ‘poked’ on Facebook).

Apparently Byler drove Andrade to the Quality Inn (how ironic) for a prearranged sexual encounter in exchange for $300 (yeah, we know, the fact someone was going to pay Andrade more than $10 for sex should have been their first clue this was a sting).

Shortly thereafter, both were taken into custody and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail – Andrade for prostitution and felony computer crimes violations and Byler for aiding prostitution. Andrade’s bond has been set at $2,500 and Byler’s at $2,000 – which normally wouldn’t be a problem because prosecutors alleged the criminal organization makes up to $240,000 PER MONTH!

However, the alleged human trafficking ring had a bit of a setback last week when JohnTV’s own Brian Bates and volunteers distributed fliers throughout the upscale neighborhood where Coulter’s alleged criminal enterprise was based – warning them of Coulter’s alleged criminal activities.

Germaine Coulter in court on May 16, 2012

Germaine Coulter in court on May 16, 2012

In response to the fliers and the media attention it attracted, Coulter fled the home and apparently took his checkbook with him and didn’t leave his ‘associate’ with a forwarding address (and by ‘associate’ I mean, ‘Bottom Bitch Byler’ – who happens to have also given birth to at least one of Coulter’s children). With no funds at their disposal Byler and Andrade could be in jail for a little while.

When arrested, Andrade listed her home address as 13000 Red Cedar Circle in Oklahoma City (Coulter’s alleged base of operations). Byler listed her address as 1100 Old Mill Rd in Moore (owned by Jerry Dale Byler – unknown what, if any, relation to Christina Byler).

Bottom Bitch Byler gave her own rendition of ‘I’m not a criminal, I’m just misunderstood’ to Fox25 in 2009 when they tracked her down at another nice home in NW Oklahoma City. During that confrontation, Byler claimed she was just a single mom, working and going to college and denied any association with prostitution – this even though she had been taped numerous times on South Robinson Ave. by JohnTV and was identified in police records as a critical player in Coulter’s organization.

Investigators say they believe Coulter has fled to Texas – where his ‘enforcer’ and fellow pimp Mario Diaz is suspected to also be hiding out with another prostitute, Heather M. Diaz is a co-defendant along with Coulter, Byler, Andrade and another woman in a felony racketeering case in Oklahoma County.

As reported on JohnTV, Coulter picked up an additional felony warrant last week for meth possession.

JohnTV will continue to monitor this story and provide updates. If you know the location of Coulter or Diaz, please contact police.