One year anniversary of the death of ‘Libby’ Diaz; Speculation abounds


10/28/2011 – OKC, OK — Today marks the one year anniversary of the discovery of the death of military veteran, mother, daughter, sister, and unfortunately Oklahoma City prostituted woman Elizabeth “Libby” Ann Hauptman-Diaz.

On October 28, of last year, 33-year old Libby was found deceased in a locked vacant room at the Regency hotel near South Meridian Avenue. Her body was discovered by a hotel staff member checking rooms. The medical examiner’s office ruled Libby’s death an overdose. Libby’s death certificate identifies Oct. 26 has her actual date of death.

According to several sources, Oklahoma City police performed a ‘hurry up’ investigation and even told one local news reporter, off the record, that Libby was “just another dead drug addict hooker.”

However, the facts surrounding Libby’s death and the police’s unwillingness to provide answers has fueled speculation that Libby’s death was not a simple drug overdose.

Libby Diaz (far right, flowered top) engaging in street prostitution on S. Robinson Ave. as part of Germaine Coulter's human trafficking ring.

Libby Diaz (far right, flowered top) engaging in street prostitution on S. Robinson Ave. as part of Germaine Coulter's human trafficking ring.

Libby was a member of Oklahoma’s largest, most profitable and most organized prostitution ring. Headed up by pimps Germaine Coulter and Mario Diaz (no relation to Libby Diaz), their illegal prostitution and drug organization is estimated to have profited to the tune of over $220,000 per month at its height. Coulter, who is currently incarcerated in Texas, and Mario Diaz, who is on the run, are both charged in Oklahoma with felonies related to their pimping.

Court records show that Coulter and Mario Diaz often used addiction and violence against the women in their control. Specifically, records indicate that Libby was often a target of vicious cruelty, including beatings, urinating on and being locked in a closet. Coulter and Diaz also were known to get women addicted to drugs in order to make them dependent on them.

These facts have led some to believe that Libby, who desperately wanted out of prostitution, was targeted by Coulter and Diaz and setup and killed.

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What is known is that on or around October 17, Libby was dispatched to the Regency hotel by the prostitution organization’s ‘bottom bitch’ Christina Byler. Libby had been staying in the La Quinta Inn only blocks away. The room number Libby had apparently been dispatched to was inaccurate (either intentionally or accidentally). Libby was never seen alive again.

Days later Libby’s vehicle and some personal belonging were found in the Regency’s parking lot. Libby’s family contacted police, but their concerns were dismissed due to Libby’s history of prostitution and drug abuse.

On Oct. 28, a staffer of the Regency was checking locked vacant rooms to see if they needed to be recleaned before renting them and found Libby lying face down and fully clothed on a bed.

Police were quick to tell the media that this was a simple case of a drug addict prostitute found overdosed in an ‘abandoned hotel room.’

But the facts do not support that conclusion completely.

Speculation of a Hit

Libby had a history of being targeted by Coulter and Diaz for punishment or to send a message to others within the organization to remain 100% subservient or else. Libby, who stayed in contact with her mother, had expressed a desire to seek help and get out of prostitution and kick her drug habit – something that would have infuriated Coulter and Diaz. These allegations have many assuming Libby was sent to the Regency and that most likely Diaz himself or someone working for him met up with and forced Libby to take a lethal dose of drugs.

Hotel Employee Involvement

Shortly after Libby’s body was discovered, staff members of the Regency hotel began to contact with facts not previously released and suspicion that a hotel employee was involved.

According to hotel staff, the room Libby was found is was not “abandoned” as police had described it. To the contrary, the room was simply in an area of the hotel that was not being rented at that time. As with all the rooms in that area, the room was clean, vacant and locked. Meaning whomever opened the door had to have had a card key. The employee also noted that when Libby was found, the curtains in the room had been closed and the air conditioner was on high. The employee confirmed that vacant rooms are to have their curtains open and air conditioning off at all times.

The employee went on to state that the room did not appear to have been used for anything other than disposing the body. The bed was made and the furniture and such was as expected for a vacant room.

More than one employee of the Regency pointed the finger at the manager. Alleging that he had a habit was ‘trading rooms’ with unsavory individuals they believed to be drug addicts and or prostitutes.

It is alleged that someone in a management position called for an escort to a bogus room number, had sex with Libby, then Libby either accidentally or was intentionally overdosed with drugs and left in the room where she was found.

Was Libby’s Fate Sealed?

Based on where Libby was found, it is without question that someone with access let her (or carried her after her death) into the locked, cleaned, unrented, vacant room at the Regency hotel.

Further evidence that someone was with Libby at the time of her death is the fact the air conditioning was turned on high. This would appear to have been done in an attempt to conceal and prolong the decomposition and confuse the timeline of her death.

This means that either someone killed Libby or was at least present when she overdosed. And while they took the time to conceal the death, they did nothing to try and get Libby emergency medical attention. Attention that, if truly an accidental overdose, could have potentially saved her life – the life of a mother, daughter, sister, and proud military service member. She will be missed by those who loved her most.

This is the story done by FOX25 right after Libby’s death.

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