Judge orders truck stop owner to curb prostitution

4/11/2011 – OKC, OK — Oklahoma City police and prosecutors have prevailed in a lawsuit against a local truck stop owner who was allowing street prostitution to run rampant on his property.

Oklahoma’s own Video Vigilante was interviewed by news channel 4 regarding this story.

Judge Bryan Dixon ruled last Thursday that the owner(s) of the Five Star Truck Stop must increase signage, enhance fencing, improve lighting, instal video monitoring and hire security guards. According to public records the Five Star is owned by Mian M. Rashid and Waleed Investments, Inc. of Oklahoma.

Five Star Truck Stop is located at 4600 NE 120th street in Oklahoma City, just to the SW of South I-35 and NE 122nd.

Rashid, claims that most of the prostitution problems started before he bought the property nearly a year and a half ago and that he has been trying to improve the situation – police disagree.

The Oklahoma City Police Department’s Nuisance Abatement division first contacted the Five Star with their concerns, in writing, on January 13, 2010. They followed up that correspondence with additional correspondence and in person meetings – all to no avail. A spokesman for the police department told the Oklahoman that, “It’s been over a year that we’d been negotiating with the owners and management … Basically, they refused to comply with the law. At that point, we were really left with no alternative.” The city of Oklahoma City filed a civil case against the Five Star, on behalf of the police department, on October 26, 2010 seeking injunctive relief.

On April 7, 2011 the city prevailed and the Five Star Truck Stop owner(s) were ordered to make substantial improvements to reduce the incidence of street prostitution on their property.

JohnTV has been reporting on the rampant street prostitution at the Five Star for several years and has worked with local news media outlets to highlight the problems plaguing this property and the surrounding area.

In August of 2009 Bates taped two prostitutes associated with the Germaine Coulter prostitution ring working South Robinson Ave. early in the day and then moving to the Five Star that afternoon. Coulter, a well known human trafficker and pimp, previously resided in a $700,000 mansion just north of the Five Star. Coulter currently resides in a Texas prison.

Below is video shot by JohnTV of prostitution activities at the Five Star Truck Stop.