Video Vigilante receives threat after exposing prostitution ring in metro

9/30/2009 - OKC, OK -- Within hours of Video Vigilante Brian Bates’ latest appearance on FOX25 news he received a threat against his safety – the first telephoned threat he has received in over 10-years.

Last night Bates appeared on FOX25 with supporting evidence that a large prostitution ring exists in the city’s North side that has direct ties to a $600,000 home in Edmond and a businessman by the name Germaine Coulter, 36.

The story ran on FOX25’s 9pm and 10pm newscast. At 1:30am this morning, Bates received a telephone call and subsequent voice mail threatening his safety.

The caller stated, “Yeah John, you might want to be careful down here. That shit you doing. Its just a matter of time buddy. You might want to get ya a fucking real job instead of them folks business down here, before something really bad happens John.”

Bates says the caller got his telephone number from where he has published his number for a long time.

“I fight the criminals that involve themselves in prostitution and trafficking of women, I don’t hide from them. While I take any threat seriously, it takes more than an anonymous call in the middle of the night from a critic that doesn’t even realize my name isn’t John to scare me,” said Bates.

Bates says that even though his telephone number is widely available, this is the first threatening call he’s received in over 10-years. Bates feels the timing shows the call is related to his most recent efforts to expose a large prostitution ring and that obviously he’s made an impression on the organization.

Bates says that despite what many might think, threats are few and far between.

Prior to this incident, Bates was threatened by suspected pimp and convicted felon, Shaun Ray Coleman, 40, on November 16 of last year. In that videotaped incident Coleman was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace. Public records show that Coleman is still paying out the fine.

Bates says he has uncovered additional information and individuals involved in the prostitution ring and will continue to work to expose their criminal enterprise.