Edmond prostitution ring tied to nat’l child trafficking arrests dubbed ‘Operation Cross Country II’


10/1/09 – Edmond, OK — In a JohnTV.com and Video Vigilante® investigation women linked to a recently uncovered Edmond prostitution ring may also have ties to child trafficking.

According to the FBI and an article appearing in the Daily Oklahoman (10/28/08) at least two women arrested last October in a national effort to combat child trafficking for sex have direct ties to the Edmond prostitution ring.

The FBI’s ‘Operation Cross Country II’ spanned 27 cities and led to the arrest of 18 prostitutes and two pimps in the Oklahoma City area. The operation was assisted by local law enforcement, the Department of Justice and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and is an extension of the ‘Innocence Lost’ project.

A recent raid of suspected pimp, Germaine Coulter’s, Edmond mansion revealed that he has ties to at least two of the women arrested in the child trafficking investigation; Brandie Stanley, 20, and Heather M., 21.

Oklahoma’s own Video Vigilante® Brian Bates says Stanley (see photo above) continues to prostitute almost daily in the metro (see video below) and is often seen in the company of other young prostitutes who have identified themselves to Bates as ‘new to the streets and being shown the ropes.’

Stanley, originally from Virginia, is currently charged in three separate cases in Oklahoma County for misdemeanor prostitution, felony prostitution, felony computer crimes and misdemeanor drug possession. Stanley has a scheduled court appearance today before Judge Hall.

Bates says Heather recently pled guilty to several misdemeanor and felony prostitution charges and is serving a year in an offender camp.

Most recently Heather was featured in the news when she and other local prostitutes accused Oklahoma City police officers of crossing the line and having sexual contact with them prior to arresting them on prostitution charges stemming from an encounter at Night Trips strip club. (JohnTV has voluntarily withheld Heather's last name as she has been deemed by the courts a victim of human sex trafficking and was granted an expungement of her criminal record)